Monday, June 29, 2009

From Bernard Madoff To Our 'Crocs', who are luckier?

"Bernard Madoff gets maximum 150 years in prison"!
By TOM HAYS and LARRY NEUMEISTER, Associated Press Writers Tom Hays And Larry Neumeister, Associated Press Writers – Mon Jun 29, 7:38 pm ET

NEW YORK – A federal judge rejected Bernard Madoff's plea for leniency Monday, sentencing the 71-year-old swindler to spend the rest of his life in prison for an "extraordinarily evil" fraud that took a staggering toll on thousands of victims.

What's the point of slamming a sentence that will be longer than Madoff can live?

He'd be 221 (year 2159) years by the time his term is expired!

Well, at least, this is what we called justice is done and seen, unlike in our land where the big financial 'crocs' are still free and continuing its rampage.

I'm talking about the scam happened in Sabah almost 10 years ago - the infamous Amanah Saham Sabah. Some people were devastated by the failure who had borrowed from financial institutions with the hope that the return from the investment would bring benefits for them, much like the ASN, the long-running successful unit trust backed by the federal government.

The Saham Sabah also backed by the then government of Sabah, and the Chief Minister (CM) then 'promised' openly to the fellow investors that the investment would be substantial and safe, and urging local investors to put their money on the counter; the result was then sad stories and miseries.

Who should be responsible for this mischief? Who should be answerable for the losses?

Would the CM at the time, the then BN government, or the investors themselves be blamed? According to the little prints on the back of the investment agreement; the investors are taking their own risks to do so. However, those who openly urging people to invest in the Saham Sabah from a high position are now 'disappeared', and the least they should do is to apologise for the unfortunate and 'friendly-misled'. But, no one dared to do so. What they did was finger-pointing each other. The investors can only watch and said: I'll see you in the next election.

There should at least some one responsible for the loss, and accounted for it. But none were singled out. One of the key investors, a State-owned Company, in the Saham Sabah even had parted its good shares for a lousy stock which value was 'artificially' pumped-up that rendered the government lost a lot; of course not accounted for at the end.

No wonder there are so many peoples want to handle the public funds for investment as no one should be haunted by its blunder ness and investment mistakes made with public funds!

Is the government going to dig to the bottom and make the culprits pay for the failure of the Amanah Saham Sabah?

Whose side is the government on when it comes to the financial market matter – The investor or the administrator?

Will we be able to nap someone and make a similar sentence
in Malaysia, like they have just done on Madoff?


The lame excuse for not able to do so may have been that our land still short of manpower and experts; furthermore, the laughing part may be we can't afford to nail and execute these culprits, yet.

Our financial and judicial system is simply not efficient enough to cater for all these requirements, and our mechanisms in enforcement are just so happened not good enough to apprehend these culprits.

Our PM Najib just announced a series of good news on the removal of 30% restriction on foreign participation in our economy, and I hope that more foreign capitals under the less restrictive controls does not mean the locals nor foreigners have to be the 'victims' of those dishonest 'crocs'.

The investors will invest in an environment that is fairly monitored and controlled.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

任重道远 - 胡逸山受委首相政治秘书


二零零九年六月二十七日 晚上八时五十五分

It’s wonderful news for Chinese Sabahan today with the appointment of Mr. Hu as the Political Secretary to the Prime Minister. We’re indeed very proud of him especially he was a graduate from a Chinese secondary school, SM Kian Kok.

He's very successful academically with a lot of titles from universities in the United States of America. He has had good career in the U.S. but chose to return because of aging parent and wanted to repay by staying closer to them. He was educated in Independent Chinese secondary school in Sabah and now working for PM Najib as Political Secretary!. He joined Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) as a lecturer when he returned from the US. He hadn't had a good career with the Universiti Malaysia Sabah because of differences with the authority. He quit and worked in private sector for several years before the great appointment.

He has been a strong critic of the BN government’s policies and administration for a few years since quitting from UMS. He maybe now able to rectify the BN government from within the organization even if he belongs to no political party and he’s in actual fact, an independent.

Will he be happy working in Putra Jaya? That’s the question.

Let’s hope that he will.

It's a fantastic achievement for a young man considering that he's only 35, and married.

I hope that with his close proximity to the PM, he could do something to help us in resolving all the pressing issues affecting the livelihood of citizens of Malaysia in Sabah, especially the infamous QEH problems within 2 years time or before the next general election due by early 2013.

News has it that he was actually recommended by the Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Seri Musa Aman. The President of the Federation Of Chinese Association Sabah (FCAS), Datuk Seri Nuar Salleh Tan, has been his strong advocate/supporter/sponsor ever since his resignation from UMS, according to sources.

It’s a heavy responsibility for him but with great influential power too. (任重道远 )。

Friday, June 26, 2009

Time To Deliver The Security as Promised By BN in The Last General Election

2009-06-26 16:22:46
Overseas Chinese daily News dated 26-June-2009.

【亞庇廿五日訊】亞庇路陽(Luyang)喜嶺苑(Taman Hilltop) 今午一時光天化日發生一宗打劫案件,一名傅姓華裔女子駕駛的豐田VIOS轎車遭二名歹徒劫走,截至今晚仍未見蹤影。

路陽)\(Luyang)喜嶺苑(Taman Hilltop)最近治安不靖,已成為罪犯黑區,該地區於本月九日亦曾發生偷竊案件,該區家鄉牛雜專賣店(Ngui Chap Shop)及一間美髮店(Saloon)遭賊徒破門行竊,希望警方能加強該區之治安措施

and another unpleasant news entitled 'Sunrise Shock For Woman'
reported by Jimmy Goh / Daily Express dated 27-June-2009 stating that
'A woman visitor's plan to watch the sunrise at the waterfront ended in her being bundled into a car by four men near a hotel in Segama, downtown Kota Kinabalu, Friday.' She was abducted but unhurt, and she was very lucky indeed.

Both incidents happened in broad day light. It looks as if the police are openly and deliberately challenged by the criminals. Women were the victims in both incidents and as always, the suspects were usually men.

In the efforts to promote the advantages of the country for tourism, especially the Sabah state, the security aspect is one of the utmost importances in the quest to become a tourist's preferred choice of holiday destination.

Citing several bad experiences from friends revealed that they would be reluctant to neither revisit nor recommend the unpleasant place to friends. The tourism industries, under the helm of Tourism Ministry, must have a say in the measures in security of protecting the visiting foreigners.

Although the incidents may be statistically insignificant, however, a drop of rat faeces time and again proves that it could spoil the whole soup.

The police and the Home ministry, including the Immigration Department, must in this case displaying their worth by speedily solve these cases, and bringing down the crimes to an acceptable level in days than months.

Honestly, two incidents in two days is a bit too much for a small city like Kota Kinabalu, and I'm only talking about the cases published in the paper; what about those other crimes committed? As some friends said to me, there are many more cases unresolved with the police force.

It’s time to change and raise the standard of police force to international standard, especially on efficiency. People has had enough negative impression on the police, and for pride sake, the police should turn it around and show to their bosses, the people or Rakyat, that they are competent and worth the respect they deserve.

Of course, they also have to make sure that they work equally for all, and not just some minority people only.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

From Suspension of Maid Export To Maidless Society

What an interesting development from our neighbour that they have decided to suspend exporting maids to us simply based on the recent incidents affecting their citizens. I'm referring to the latest news reported under 'Jakarta suspends maid service' reported by Amy Chiew / Online Published on 26/06/2009. (

First of all, I suspect this is just a political play by some quarters in Indonesia.

Secondly, the statistic released from some sources that there were 1,000 maid abuse cases annually in Malaysia out of the 300,000 documented Indonesian maids in the country, and this is actually a small figure and should consider quite an achievement for Malaysian since maintaining good relationship in a confined space like condominium is truly not an easy task especially the maid and the employer comes from different social background and hardly know each other before employment.

Malaysian should now rethink its labour requirement now with a wake up call from Indonesian government that we shouldn't rely on foreign workers forever.

We should start to pool our resources together to overcome the crisis in a long term basis. We should clean our home/house, do our laundry, buy our daily needs; baby sitting or daycare for kids, and other general services by sharing among all the house owners in the vicinity than individually employing maid where the social problems are not easy to learn and adjusted, and it's complicated. Government should be working closely with the community in an organized way so that services for each households are subsidized and possibly a specialized quality service company can be established to serve the needs of the public.

Malaysia is still very much stuck with the economic model based on low labour cost, and it means we have to rely on Indonesia heavily on its supply, especially in plantation sector. It's unfortunate that Indonesia happens to be our competitor at the same time. The security threat is obvious and not logical to believe that brotherhood would work when conflict flares up. We can recall at the recent years of events and we know very well that we can only trust ourselves and has to be totally independent from our 'unstable' neighbour, no matter how 'cheap' the offer is. The crisis has highlighted our vulnerability of our econmy and country strength, not only that, it's the insult of our dignity by our insensitive neighbour that really hurts.

Our country should study the living styles and habits in other more advanced and developed countries where labour cost is high, and employing domestic maid is definitely not for every one. We should therefore learn one thing or two by studying how to handle their daily chores, and the answer should not be far from us.

The Government should orchestrate the change.

Change the way we live and work now will be the key to high earning, quality environment in foreseeable future.

People First, Performance Now!

I refer to the news reported as follows:-

1. KK getting RM70mil heart centre soon
(Published on Daily Express: Saturday, February 02, 2008)
2. Govt told: Don't drag feet on Sabah Heart Centre
(Published on Daily Express: Thursday, March 19, 2009)

After reading these reports, I feel that Federal Government must step up their working pace despite the poor economy worldwide. It's a report no one likes to read nor would a government wants to see it happens.

It's no point to blame. It's time to work, both the federal and state. Peoples are suffering from the lacking of much needed facilities and services.

I don't blame Malaysian in Sabah react angrily to this news while I'll be very disappointed if it's not done speedily as a gesture of apology for the 'mistakes'.

The State Health Department is responsible for all the health facilities in the state but I was told that it's the politic that was the main cause of all the mischief, mostly deliberate. State leader’s ignorance and negligence both sets in and we have this incredible situation amazingly unbelievable.

I hope that the state leaders, from ADUN to MP, must be aware of the state health services and its conditions all the time; their predecessors had 'betrayed' their fellow citizens in Sabah for too long and is unfortunately, they have to repay on their (predecessor) behalf.

The success of rectifying the state health services will change the negative impression long associated with the public services, especially the medical service.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The significance of 中英學校家教協會改選

I refer to the news on 中英學校改選餘波盪漾 as published in Overseas Chinese Daily News today, 23-June-2009.

The result of the election speaks clearly that parents want change.

Wong Li Kah stood up for them, but would the ministry get the message and acts correctly and accordingly?

They had not been happy with the way the school was run. They don't agree with the policy and behaviour of the school administration, especially to the highhandedness of the education department. In fact, they have been worn out with all their time and money by blindly following what they're told to do, without questions asked. They felt 'blackmailed' by the school and the teachers; and the ministry mysteriously 'allows' it over the years.

Parents are the 'silence' sufferers of the immense 'power' given to the school authority, notably the Principal. The parents and their school children are being 'victimised' by going through all kinds of unnecessary works and subjects. The Chinese schools are especially being taken advantage by the fact that it's a tradition to respect and comply with the teachings and 'guidance' of the school authority, especially the Principal. The teachers are treated like 'adopted parents' and 'family elders', so to speak. This is an immense trust onto these highly respectable individual that integrity is the key to their continue supports from the community.

The exposure on the 'mistrusts' by the school by Wong Li Kah is like attacking the hornet nest, and definitely damaging to the good images built up over the centuries. It's a threat to them.

The problem with the education sector is that some of them are politicians from the backbone of the government. These teachers or education officials are allowed to take part actively in politic. They are mostly members of the powerful governing party. This special relationship has made them very invincible groups in the political party as well as socially. It's not right for them to be in politic given to the fact they are civil servants and must be impartial; but unfortunately it's a truth we have reluctantly 'accepted'.

It's natural that the educational circle covers each other should there any challenges to their fellow members, and especially if it's significant of what Wong Li Kah is doing. Wong is the second one voicing out the unhealthy practices in the education industries, and is quite alone to carry on the fight against the authority that happens to be highly regarded by the society. It'll be heart broken for the public and the authority to admit the problems as they, including the parents, think that the high integrity image of the educationists must be preserved at all costs, even (probably) to the extent of twisting the truth(?). This is bad news for the country if we were to move forward to a modern and advance country by 2020, or the so-called 1Malaysia dream.

Parents must learn from the Wong Li kah case as he questions the so-called traditional approaches and practices which were wrongs. The parents are expected to pay for expenses but the excessive profit must be used for the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and not to someone else pocket. Parents are people, and people are the master of the nation. Civil servants must listen to the people via PTA. It's not the case presently with parents being pushed around to the civil servant's fancies and wishes.

The authority of the PTA and its power and role in the school also needs to be redefined and revamped by the Minister of Education so that it can contribute significantly and meaningfully in the school administration. Democracy must be seen practiced in the school, and what better place to start with is the PTA.

Will the win by Wong Li Kah wake up the conservative and authoritative styles of the administration in the education ministry? Will the authority honoured the win? On thing for sure, Wong Li kah is not alone. He represents the voices of these unfortunate parents who have been in silence for years. The 'discontent' of the parent can be heard everywhere. Will SKC Anglo Chinese(中英學校) become the seed of change? The case of Anglo Chinese is not an isolated case, it happens in most of the schools.

Now, it's up to the ministers, politicians, and the ministry to act. I sincerely hope that they understand the message and tackle the problems immediately. The government has only 2 years to rectify the situation before it's too late.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Resolution - MCA Putatan AGM 2009



日期: 6-6-2009

時間: 10.30am

地點: 馬华必打丹区会会所 (Kepayan Ridge)


1. 吁請州及联邦政府高度関注再生能源的短,長遠策略;

案由: 近來石油價飈升己経趨軟,但其壞處随時重来並將嚴重影响人民生計及環境;因此,拓再生能源,或其他通及能夠減低使用石油或化石燃料(如煤)的方案,必须儘快落,刻不容緩

2. 吁請州及邦政府高度関注訊工业宽频線路基夲設施(Broadband Infrastructure)與量續不足及服務欠佳的民生问题;

案由: 鑑于網際網絡極度依赖马电訊公司提供之宽频線路,與量對公私企业界廣泛使用者之成效有舉足輕重之作用,儘速克服及提昇,刻不容緩.


1. 促請政府两年内快速解决伊利沙白女皇医院及沙巴的医療保健设施

案由: 鑑于衛生部过去之人为忽略导致本区域之発展嚴重失调,为時雖遲,如有解决之心,仍有扭转乾坤为民谋利之望.

Resolution - MCA Penampang AGM 2009

2009-06-21 15:43:39











㈨敬請有關當局委任一位甲必丹服務於Beverly Hill/Taman Penampang / Jalan Bundusan一帶的區域。


The passing of the above resolutions indicate that there are more questions than answers in MCA Penampang and its Parliament constituency, as follows :-

1. Does it mean that Penampang MCA wants YB Datuk Khoo, who is a Division chairman of Sandakan parliamentary, out of Penampang constituency? Does it mean that Edward Khoo has to move back to Sandakan in the next election? Is it the result of the fallouts in the working relationship between Dtk. Paul Kong and Dtk. Edward Khoo ever since the issue of Raymond Tan not joining MCA?;

2. What had YB Khoo done in the taking over of government positions previously occupied by SAPP? How is the performance and public relations of YB Khoo with the BN components in Penampang?

3. Is there any effective coordination mechanism to get all the BN components to work in unison? And, how well are they?

4. What happens to the status of the only Senatorship 'given' to Sabah MCA? Will MCA HQ appoints Dtk. Paul Kong as Senator with his somewhat aggressive request for this particular position? Would MCA HQ. take back the so-called 'loan' senatorship?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Do We need Another Training?

I'm talking about the proposal by The Malaysian Association of Foreign Maid Agencies (Papa) which wants the Government to make it compulsory for prospective employers to attend a one-day course on responsibility and communication. (Training course for maids’ employers - Star Online

I hope that this suggestion can really change the attitudes and behaviours of some of the employers, however, it may not work out as one ideally expected.

Mutual respect to each other is the cornerstone of any relationship. The engagement of the maid to one's family is as serious as 'adoption' where they are going to live with the family of entirely different culture and background from where they come from. It's a vice versa situation for the family of the employer on this aspect. There are a lot of adjustments from both parties and the progress of integration is very much depend on the level of 'education' of both parties. A lot of mutual understandings and tolerance (or 'sacrifices') between the parties are needed to make the relationship cordial and lasting.

The suggestion is a good one but I just want to say that this training can only be served as a guideline and introductory to the maid engagement but not the whole answers to all the relationship problems.

To start with, we must change our attitude towards maid. They are professional in their own right and without them, our life is in 'limbo'.

The government must take the maid issue seriously as it has become a social problem.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Unity Talk Between PAS & UMNO

The so-called Unity Talk between UMNO and PAS should start with Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) disbanded first.

It's pointless to talk about Malay Unity and Islam by dragging in the other irrelevant bodies such as MCA, DAP, MIC, or the likes, which have entirely different agendas, view points, and priorities of their own. The major talking points between the two groups would mostly centered on Islam and Malay race while economy and education matters are secondary.

UMNO and PAS are both different in ideology although their members are mainly Muslim bumiputra. They are fighting for the leadership to represent the 'Malay' and the Muslim Bumiputras in the country.

UMNO is more inclined towards western and modern lifestyles while PAS is more towards the 'Islamic' humble lifestyle. One can say they are simply different characters although they look the same like a 'twin'. The only thing that they share is likely the religion but not their lifestyles.

The philosophical difference is the barrier between the two groups. Other than these two major points, religion & lifestyle; what are the common interests that would hold them together?

How are they going to share the resources of a government in order to support their individual different ruling policies?

Isn't it more volatile than the present Pas, PKR, and DAP 'coalition'? PAS should understand that they can't rule the country alone, in fact, they need others badly to get the majority to form a viable government.

PAS did beautifully in the last general election because they teamed up with PKR and DAP. It's an undeniable reality. Malay votes, previously held mostly by UMNO, were now split between UMNO, PKR, and PAS since the last election.

Do you think UMNO can snatch back the votes from PKR (or PAS) by forming a so-called Unity Government with PAS? Is PAS dumb enough to let this to happen? Does one believe that UMNO will let PAS influencing their members by the formation of Unity government? The alliance of UMNO plus PAS might turn out to be a disaster for both of them. They simply can not trust each other in the first place.

One of the major obstacles of achieving 1Malaysia is the so-called 'unfair privileges’ or 'unfair advantages' walls accorded to certain quarter which is initially meant to give a 'lift' to the 'under-privileged' group.

PM Najib should be brave and bold enough to 'tear down the wall' if he wants to see 1Malaysia succeeds. In fact, he doesn’t need PAS to achieve it. It’s all up to UMNO whether they want to turn the tide or not by accepting the fact that people wants equality more than the so-called ‘UMNO-PAS’ Unity Talk!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to make MCA back to 'normal' mode?

I agree totally to some bloggers that MCA must change now or face extinction.

We must first stop infighting and unite all factions in the party - a prime and foremost responsibility of the headman.

The President must work out a strategy with all the stalwarts in the Central Committee, and an immediate action plan on how to turn round the party, especially on matter on regaining confidence of the public, primarily the Chinese voters.

Be bold and firm with its political partners, especially UMNO, on all matters concerning component partners. UMNO-led BN must hold regular meetings in each States in order to iron out problems, and issues, in order to enhance the potential of BN.

UMNO must also change by learning to respect the existence of its partners via its 1Malaysia concept, People First, and Performance Now! If these were done immediately, significant result will be seen in the shortest future.

I recommend that BN in Semenanjung not to rush in overthrowing the ‘opposition’, especially in the 5 states that now under the Pakatan Rakyat (PR). The more desperate BN moves on the ‘overthrowing’ trail, the more difficult it is to achieve miracle at this stage of the event. PR has hardly made any wrong doings in a mere 14 month’s period; therefore it’s too soon to bring them to police or MAAC at this juncture. It’s not wrong to give PR a chance to prove itself. People want to see a fair attitude and example from BN; which is one of the most important elements they are looking for with the new BN, now!

BN must comply with the people by listening to their woes, and for god sake, never ever lecturing them as they are mature enough to know their needs.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Government is law enforcer or breaker?

I'm in disbelief that the water-leaked Federal Administrative Complex in Kota Kinabalu is found to have no Occupation Certificate (OC) (or Certificate of Fitness) after several years of full occupation.

Federal Administrative Complex is not the only government building without the OC; others like Wisma Budaya and JPJ Complex, to name just a few, are also been in full use for years without the certification.

The government must ensure that every ones complied with the regulations and laws, including it. Where is the good model of Leadership by Example?

I heard that many completed buildings had to wait for years before OC is issued by the local authority; it'd therefore very unfair that the government could allow their fellow departments to escape the law enforcement. It's simply and definitely double standard governance.

No wonder no one would respect the law as the law enforcer itself is at fault. How are we going to uphold the so called 'integrity' and 'professionalism'?

Change; as every body in BN said loudly, but is there any one actually does it seriously? Performance Now will be just slogan slowly fade away if the government is not sincere and serious on what it's supposed to do.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rais Yatim And Ng Yen Yen Must Do This Together For Sabah & The Country Sake

2009-06-08 14:55:07 Overseas Chinese Daily News (OCDN)


I refer to the news with the title as shown above in the OCDN locally today.

I especially annoyed by the announcement made by Rais Yatim of the following:-


The Harvest festival is a local celebration and it needs the wholehearted efforts of the indigenous people namely the Kadazan, Dusun, Rungus, Orang Sungei, Lotud, and Murut to display their culture and lifestyle.

The celebration outside Sabah will definitely lost its luster and becoming meaningless and less appealing to the tourists.

The celebration to be staged in KL may not be as lively as it’s staged in KK or Sabah. The display quality by the locals will definitely be different and would be more meaningful than if it’s done by the West Malaysian. There’s simply no replacement of the local indigenous and it’s unfair to the tourists from around the world too.

The government should instead subsidizing the tourists from the peninsula and the world to come to Sabah to participate in the once a year culture event. This is not only promoting the local indigenous culture to the world but also help building the tourism in the country, especially Sabah.

All we need is a concerted effort of all to put the package together.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Leadership Quality - The Cause of Civil Service Complacency?

News clips from Star on-line referred:-

Wednesday June 3, 2009

Bureau: Complacent attitude of civil servants is public’s main grouse

TELUK INTAN: Inaction and delayed action. These are ratepayers’ main grouses against government agencies and departments they deal with.

Of the more than 4,550 complaints submitted to the Public Complaints Bureau this year (up to May 15), 26.6% (or 1,212) were on the two issues.

Stating this, PCB complaints director Aziz Ismail said the source of the problem could be traced to the numerous internal issues in the departments or agencies concerned.

He added, however, that the issues were “too sensitive” for public discussion and the bureau could only advise these agencies and departments to put their houses back in order.


I think the main cause of the complacency is because of the leadership.

The government is normally blamed for not serving the people and the above statistic shows that it's the civil servants, of which our elected representatives are the leaders of the civil services, are largely responsible for the situation.

Being a Minister, it's like a CEO of a corporate, the responsibility is huge. He/she must be competent enough to lead the specific group of the services so that the people will benefit; else, dissatisfaction will occur and the government of the day will suffer badly when in election day.

It's the lack of public performance gauging mechanism during their tenure that contributed to the poor performance of our cabinet.

The problem of leading a highly diversified social community is acknowledged but it's not a good excuse of not performing. People, irregardless of backgrounds, are for excellent services. It's the sincerity of these Ministers and Deputy Ministers that really matters most. Public must be more vocals by providing frequent feedbacks needed for the betterment of the services. The government must, in reciprocal, provide quality services so that the nation becomes more efficient and hence, more profitable and wealthy! A 'wealthy' nation is a country of 'wealthy' people with lots of quality of life.

'1Malaysia, People First, and Performance Now' championed by PM Najib is a good starting point and let's hope that all the government staffs understand the spirit and be ready to have the appropriate mentality to implement the ideal of Malaysian.

The little positive change in the civil service is a large step forward for the entire nation.