Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's Wrong To Say Not Supporting Raymond Tan?

Well, as far as I'm concerned, taking on Raymond Tan (Tan) is akin to taking on Musa, as Tan was controversially appointed and retained by Musa despite the criticism from the majority in BN.

Funny thing is that hardly anyone (leaders) now in UMNO or the so-called BN comes out to defend (supporting) Musa on his appointment of Tan; his influence is seen relatively and significantly lower than before the recent UMNO election. However, Gahpur Salleh did raise this case in the parliament quite sometimes ago when SAPP left BN.

The unexpected emergence of Salleh Said Keruak as an UMNO State Deputy Liaison Chief is an interesting twist & telltale sign in Umno politic. Meanwhile, Shafie Apdal is conveniently tasked to head Kedah Umno Liaison Chief, possibly to avoid the direct conflict in Sabah. Or, is this the beginning of the historical event waiting to be unfolded in Umno Sabah?

Are there anyone know why LDP is so daring to call Tan (or his supporters in positions) to vacate the appointments voluntarily on the pretext of strong public interests? Chin Su Phin (Deputy President of LDP) also named CM for doing the wrong thing. Yes, they would not have done it without some sorts of mutual understandings at the higher level.

Is Musa being systematically marginalized by someone in UMNO or BN? Maybe soon the time will tell.

The same group of politicians who defended Musa aggressively on the Matzu Statute issues two years ago reemerged trying to raise themselves to better “Posts” by trading with their “integrity” and “principles” again.

PBS has been trying to benefit from this squabble, and seeking gains by pleasing Musa even means to go against public interests.

The whole episode of development is just despicable and low class.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Dilemma Of MCA Sabah, Where Do We Go From Here?

The perversity of continue appointing Raymond Tan Shu Kiat as Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) is just not only inappropriate but also an act of blatant insult to the people of Sabah.

Raymond Tan should voluntarily give up the Minister of Works and DCM since the pull out of SAPP from BN. However, it takes two to tango, both CM & Raymond should not ignore the feeling of the people, especially the matter has now escalated to a serious issue of Public Interests.

Take for example; a vacancy of Deputy Finance Minister left by the resignation of SAPP's YB is deliberately left vacant until today. Furthermore, another Deputy Works Minister post also has to be reappointed due to the corruption ridden UMNO YB from Kota Belud.

People has been wondering what's in the mind of CM? What's the poser?

Maybe, an answer will surface after the UMNO Supreme Council Meeting on or after 24-May-2009?

The CM of Sabah is also the Finance Minister.

MCA Sabah has been doing the most on helping the local people on the federal affairs such as health, education, transportation, and security over the years ever since 1992, the same year as the entry of UMNO Sabah; regrettably, it was never given the due respects it deserves in reciprocal.

Although MCA is the second dominant coalition component party in National BN, only next to UMNO, it’s not given the same opportunity to develop itself right from the start in Sabah, citing for fear of losing the supports of local people whom are still very much anti-semenanjung and regionalist.

The BN Sabah, led by UMNO, seems over the years been discriminative against MCA that it has been “asked” to take a back seat in the running of the state by the so-called “BN’s Spirit”.

The local-based parties were allowed and encouraged to grow their strength naturally; unfortunately, MCA was left to grow under-nourished without the needed resources it should have, either from MCA Central or BN Sabah. The situation of MCA Sabah has indeed been described as “demoralizing”, like it or not.

MCA Sabah should have been given at least one parliamentary seat to contest in the last general election but not so, largely due to the aggressiveness of SAPP wanting even more seats which had stirred up quite a bit of havoc prior to the 308 general election day. Nevertheless, MCA Sabah should now be given the chance now that SAPP is out of the coalition. Not only that, our only State YB should be promoted as the DCM as well as a full minister.

It’s high time that the MCA HQ extending its available resources to help MCA Sabah to secure the seat allocation as well as to ensure its eventual capture.

It’s now or never.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Now, Sabah Can Not Blame KL For Negligence

Sabah now has 4 Ministers and 5 Deputy Ministers.

It's the most incredible achievement in the history of Sabah.

Sabah has been complaining for lacking federal cares in its affairs, such as health, social, education, basic infrastructure etc., in the past due largely not having enough representation in the cabinet.

Sabahan have been misconstrued as incompetent in governing the state previously.

With 9 out of 25 MPs now in the cabinet or Ministries, Sabahan should now have the golden opportunity to manage and administer the country instead of grousing not given the chance to be a part of the central role in the nation building.

Now, it's time to work, not just for Sabah, but also for the entire nation.

However, these Sabahan from Barisan Nasional are now expected to perform "miracle" in a critical 4 years for the country, especially more so for the BN coalition, where immense difficult economic situation is a major challenge.

Will they be able to deliver the performance that the rakyat expected in a short time of 4 years?

Will they be able to contribute towards the goal of "One Malaysia, People First, and Performance Now" as federal ministers?

PM Najib obviously has all the confidence in the Sabahan to deliver based on the same fantastic result they delivered in the last general election, in particular the outstanding performance in the UMNO party election just concluded.

The shift to make more East Malaysian in the responsible position is an immediate implementation of the One Malaysia concept delivered in PM Najib’s speech after his swearing in as PM. “No One Is to be Left Behind in One Malaysia” He said.

The move also meant to balance the imbalanced in the past.

The appointment of more Sabah & Sarawak MPs from holding important portfolio also means every ones in the country are to be mobilized and united in order to take on the change that the country badly needs.

Let's hope that the new forces from the eastern region of Malaysia can significantly help to transform the nation successfully under PM Najib.

Note: Sarawak has 2 Ministers and 9 Deputy Minister in the Federal Cabinet and Ministry.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is Our Education Policy Okay?

My answer is "NOT OKAY".

It's time that government trusts the wisdom and wishes of the public. The feedback from the public is equally important as the "experts" from the government. Both sides must work in mutual respect and of partnership spirit by bringing out the best education recipe for the country.

The government owes us an explanation why our kids have to study so many subjects unnecessarily, especially on the BM which has been set to such an incredibly (difficult) level that is far ahead of their age. The degree of Difficulty and their age are simply not compatible.

Learning is a slow process, it should progress in appropriate steps over times; we should not be rushed into unfair situation by "overloading" and "rushing" which causes both the kids and their parents stresses and sufferings.

Haven't you seen parents and children struggle with the running around all days (and nights) in order to meet the challenges set by the authority?

What are they (Education Department or the Minister of Education) trying to prove from these kids?

Our new PM should really look into this matter seriously and revamp it immediately as the majority silence does not mean condoning the wrongs of the minority.

As I'm also a "Victim" of the mistake of the Education System; I'd like to appeal to all the parents in Malaysia to stand up against the ludicrous education mistakes and rally behind this movement for educational change (or reformation) for the goods of the country.

We must get rid of "get there fast" mentality and naivety as there’s no short cut in education.

High fire only burns the rice instead of cooking it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Malaysia Under PM Najib

PM Najib's maiden speech: 'One Malaysia. People First. Performance Now.'

I'm extremely excited by the pledge of our new Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, today by declaring: 'One Malaysia. People First. Performance Now.'

I hope that the first success story would come from Sabah with particularly the re-construction solution of Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in Kota Kinabalu.

QEH is now under "Emergency" status and requiring the direct attention and management of the Minister of Health and Prime Minister/ Finance Minister.

The implementation of the QEH will be the solid evidence of 'One Malaysia. People First. Performance Now.'
Prime Minister Najib should take charge personally on the implementation of the various rebuilding process including the allocation of the emergency funds for the QEH.

In the QEH case, we could see that certain peoples are not putting people first. It's the "ugly" face of "selfishness, greediness and heartlessness" that saw the unnecessary delay of the progress of QEH's rebuilding.

QEH is one of the oldest hospitals in Sabah, and being situated in the State Capital, it should have been the best in Sabah, or one of the best hospitals in Malaysia.Unfortunately, it's in a sorry state now.

As Prime Minister, the paramount leader of Malaysian, he should be acting fairly for all, as he mentioned in his speech, that he should look at the performance, and not any others.

Like the great Chinese Premiere Teng Xio Ping had said: "cats which can catch mice, regardless of its fur colour, are good cats indeed. "

It's high time that PM Najib delivers results if UMNO/BN is to regain the heart of the people again especially with the minority as well as those who are truly competent in their works.

The credential for Najib is there to see, and he seems very much ready to flex his muscle and fly with an idealism of hoping to see all Malaysian regardless of their creeds united as one people, and thereby as one nation and competing successfully in the globalized world.

I hope that the One Malaysia that he mentioned means forever goodbye to inequality and the Zero-Sum attitude of the entire nation.

Everyone must pull back and concentrate on the economic development instead. As he had said: "we must never leave anyone behind.”, or like in the "Lilo and Stich" film, the stich said: "Family means no body is left behind."

Indeed, what matter most is always the end result, that is: Performance! Malaysia can not afford to have another 50 years of time wastage.

Let's positively sit back and see what the performance he'll bring us.