Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From Free Wi-Fi in Gua Musang to Telecommunication problems in POIC of Lahad Datu, Sabah


If 30 villages in Gua Musang can enjoy free Wi-Fi service provided by the federal government, why can't our villages in Sabah enjoy the same benefits?

In the midst of government's Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), free broadband services shall be an essential infrastructure for growth and success so that higher productivity and efficiency can be achieved, thus realizing the government's aim of achieving higher income for the population soon.

Just take Lahad Datu, a major town in the east coast of Sabah, its Palm Oil Industrial cluster (POIC)(http://www.poic.com.my/index.asp?p=aboutus-intro
), the internet services, or telecommunication infrastructure, has been very disappointing that the service is very unreliable and of unbelievable performance.

If government really means business of wanting to help the people and bringing up the country economy, apart from appealing for transforming the civil services, a quality telecommunication infrastructure is one of the most important elements that need to be addressed now.

Transform Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TMB), and other related communication corporations, should now be a priority in gearing towards a better tomorrow of Sabah.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Doubtful reasons to divide Kota Kinabalu to two zones

May I remind Datuk Jumat that it's unnecessary to split Kota Kinabalu City into two (2).

The impression I have with the suggestion is that the city is going to be 'specifically' run by 'bumiputra' or non-bumiputra' officers. Just when Sabah has been hailed as the role model of 1Malaysia, the suggestion seems very odd and somewhat contradictory to the spirit of 1Malaysia championed by our PM Najib.

May I also remind Datuk Jumat that it's the meritocracy, competency, and trustworthiness that they want for their Mayor. It's just when we all talk about uniting all the races together regardless of whether bumi or non-bumi in order to restart our mission in the national building, the proposal from Datuk Jumat is definitely out-of-date.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do we need to enforce the use of Bahasa?

My view is : NO NEED.

There's no doubt that we should be using Bahasa Malaysia but not necessarily to use force in order to achieve the so-called patriotism as 'full use' of the language doesn't mean that we are all patriotic, pro-Malaysia or Malay. The language will be loved or preferred by all Malaysian if it serves the purpose of an efficient communication language. There shall be no suspicion about it nor worry about its usage and importance.

In my case, as a Chinese Sabahan/Malaysian at the age of 57 years who had not been educated in Bahasa Malaysia from young, the encouragement of the use of language is acceptable but not with the 'harsh' tone of enforcement etc.
The 20-point agreement in the formation of Malaysia had clearly stated of the rights of using other languages freely, and this had sown the seed of diversity in the use of languages in the country, and because of this, we are better off than many neighbouring countries although it may seem at times that we are lacking the impression of dominant of the national language. In reality, the Bahasa, our national language, has been widely used, and in time to come it may eventually grow to the extent of 100% usage in all the levels of the society.

Therefore, it's unnecessary for us to amplify this matter by overly promoting the national language by jeopardizing the use of other existing languages which are of national interests too.

By the way, Sabah UMNO, or even UMNO in Semenanjung,  must be sensitive in their approach in promoting the national language. They should avoid causing resentments over the issue by intimidating other language users.

By the way, after reading the following Jamawi's comment on KJ's AGM speech last year, I think he is not an extremist who will hurt the feelings of his fellow Sabahan or Malaysian in general.

Get rid of siege mentality, Khairy urges Malays


http://www.thenutgraph.com/will-khairy-succeed/Jamawi (Courtesy of Jamawi Jaafar) 
Additionally, Khairy’s message may sell better in some places than others, notes Youth executive council member Jamawi Jaafar, who is from Sabah.
Jamawi explains that Umno in Sabah can’t afford to be locked in the straightjacket of “Malay supremacy” because party membership includes those of other faiths as long as they are bumiputera. Hence, Khairy’s message may be more well accepted in Sabah than in the peninsula.

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恭喜沙巴马华保佛区会主席杨光华同志今天荣膺沙巴州元首封赐PGDK (Datuk)拿督勋衔

 恭喜沙巴马华保佛区会主席杨光华同志今天荣膺沙巴州元首封赐PGDK (Datuk)拿督勋衔。拿督杨光华同志,继续努力,以争取更高的成就。