Saturday, January 29, 2011

From Maliau Basin as a future 'World's Heritage' to Coal-fired Power Plant in Lahad Datu

PM: M'sia keen to list Sabah's Maliau Basin as a world heritage site
By MUGUNTAN VANAR / The Star online

Listing it as the world's heritage will be difficult, taking its advantages for sustainable benefits from its 'world's heritage' status will be an even more difficult challenge for the government and its people; it will take both the state and federal governments a lot of wisdoms and competencies to make the Maliau Basin a long term asset of Sabah and Malaysia.

The return and the values from the status shall be getting larger as the times go by because tropical rainforest with conservation, research,  and recreational purposes becomes rarer in the world by then. it's the Eco-tourism that we are talking about, the future income earner of Sabah.

The conservation of Maliau Basin, or the likes, may have to deploy of high technology as an addition in order to be effective. In fact, the whole Sabah should go for Green Energy policy and it ought to be committal in this frontier, be it in the west or east coast or interior of the state, the government must make landmark decision to adopt the latest trend of earth living direction in order to move on confidently in the world village community.

The much-talked and controversial coal-fired power plant project for the east coast of Sabah should therefore be abandoned for good.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm finally home this afternoon. There's no place like home.

One month of self-exodus is enough for me.

One month of 'living' in advanced foreign countries makes me feel sad and worry about our country's future especially on the gaps between us and these European countries.

The gap is actually widening further apart than bringing closer.

Our political leaders must first of all unite the people, and working on basic principles of politic - to bring up the status of the nation and its people by good Governance via administration and management.

It's time that the leaders put down the priority of self-interests and sacrificing for the people and the nation for the generations ahead. They should make Sabah their home.

I must say I had enough of those slogans, and I really want to see results and performance in the new year ahead.

For the Malaysian government of the day, my new year advice is "Mind The Gap'.