Thursday, April 21, 2011

恭喜李集锦同志受委沙巴航空董事局主席Congratulation to MCA Kudat Division Chief , Mr. Li Ji Jin, for his appointment as the new Board Chairman of Sabah Air Sdn. Bhd.

希望在联邦交通部(马华拿督江作汉部长和来自沙巴的Datuk Bakri副交通部长的协助和配合下,能够提升沙巴航空至另一高峰- 成为本区域的航空泰斗。

Congratulation to MCA Kudat Division Chief cum Kudat District Councillor, Mr. Li Ji Jin, for being appointed the new Board Chairman of Sabah Air Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary state government company in the business of air transportation services.

Prior to his appointment, the position was occupied by Datuk Pang Yuk Ming of the LDP.

It's positively believed that Mr. Li's appointment will catapult Sabah Air to new height with the expecting closer relationship of Li and the Ministry of Transport which is headed by MCA's Secretary, Datuk Kong Cho Ha, and coincidently, an even closer relationship from fellow UMNO/BN Kudat MP, Datuk Bakri.

Let's wish Mr. Li all the bests and wishing him success in making Sabah Air a regional air transport challenger/might in the foreseeable future.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Utusan tells BN to ignore Chinese vote after Sarawak polls - The Malaysian Insider

Utusan tells BN to ignore Chinese vote after Sarawak polls - The Malaysian Insider

I hope that the Utusan Editor would instead calling the government to step up the effort of 1Malaysia to educate all the citizens of the land to unite and focus on one thing - to achieve advance country and high income for all in the near future.

But, regrettably, he chose to go for the negative option, that is to isolate the community which went against the government in the election.

I wonder if he understands what democracy, freedom of expression, and minority rights are all about.

Utusan is the most influential voice of UMNO and of the Malay community, being a media of such magnitude, it should be promoting the 1Malaysia spirit of inclusiveness than exclusiveness.

They should approach the urban voters by telling the majority community what these urbanites want and the advantages of going along with the urbanites than promoting 'marginalization' and more misunderstandings between the urbanites and the rest of the country.

They (Utusan) shouldn't behave like this simply because the urban people voted against the government.

Their mentality and attitude are very much undesired especially when UMNO-led BN has been trying relentlessly to unite the people of Malaysia for the future benefits of the nation.

What Utusan Editor is doing is to sabotage it instead of helping the government.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BN must rectify the medical woes in Sabah first before re-seeking new mandate from the people

Sabah people had had high expectation of Malaysia when it was formed 48 years ago, this negative report of the condition at Labuan hospital from the mouth of its MP is alarming and definitely will damage the credibility of the federal government especially the BN.

Health Minister Datuk Liow shouldn't be taking it lightly as the medical health services has been an ongoing and very hot issue in Sabah. The BN shouldn't give the opposition the chance to raise this matter even if this is a nationwide dilemma of the authority.

East Malaysia states especially Sabah must be given highest priority in addressing all the medical service problems as the condition in the top Sabahan hospital, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), is embarrassingly unbearable and unacceptable.

The rectification process in 're-instating' the hospital has been too slow going that people are beginning to wonder if the government really had the sincerity in resolving the various  issues.

One thing regrettable is that the hospital has so far not been visited by the Prime Minister himself amidst of the 'controversy' when he visited Kota Kinabalu several times for the Meet-The-People Walk-about activity.

Had he been to the wards of the QEH and its internal areas, he might have had a different idea on his mind when he got home to Putra Jaya.

Even though Sabah is a fixed Deposit of BN and the federal government but the situation of the medical services remains an unbelievable mystery to the Sabah people and the rest of the world.

The QEH needs some changes on its  administration and management in order to have any slightest hope of a turn-around.

Sabah state government must quickly take over the responsibility by setting up its own Medical Health Department or Committee to ensure the performance of the Health Services in Sabah is acceptable and within the United Nation's standard of quality service.

BN must rectify all the medical woes in Sabah first before re-seeking new mandate from the people.