Friday, July 30, 2010

Speedy approval from federal government will help the Sabah people most

The Tamparuli-Ranau road is an important road stretch linking Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan & Tawau in the east coast of Sabah.

Its economical value to the people of Sabah is simply difficult to quantify but based on layman observation, it's simply a critical part of the road link between the west and the east coast of Sabah.

The invisible loss due to the cave-in can not be assessed but believed to be fairly substantial; however, the by-pass road is no match to the main road quality which has been causing some delays and discomforts to the road users.

Sabah has the highest poverty rate, a good road will reduce their costs of doing business and daily life; the prompt action of the authority, in this case, the federal government, will have significant effect on the people of Sabah.

RM600,000 was reported to be needed for the repairing, and I hope that the PM Najib, who is also the Finance Minister, will without hesitation, sign the approval for its immediate repair.

People of Sabah will no doubt appreciate the efficiency and good attitude from the good administration of the country in return.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

YB Edward Khoo has finally done the right thing but must continue consistently without fears or favours

This is the YB that we wanted for a long time, a people representative to deal with the poor administration of the district council through which people's lives are affected directly.

One question arises as to what has been happening with the performance of those District Councilors appointed, in which MCA has three (3) representatives.

It's common knowledge that some District Councilors were very questionable in their integrity that government enforcement units should keep an eye on them.

I hope that YB Edward Khoo will continue with the search for the truth with more follow-ups, and set the matter straight transparently without any compromise, as this type of cases are reported to be rampant, and out of control.

Some district councilors who are vocals, and insisting on strict penalty on faulters, were reported to have been threatened with harm by some public whose interests were at stake due to the enforcement attempts by the council.

YB Edward, you've done the right thing but making sure that you continue with more follow-ups, without fears or favours, in discharging your duty and responsibility. Keep it up, YB!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The implications of the Kudat Mazu statue case

"Offer For Relocation Of Mazu Statue Still Stands: Musa Aman"
Bernama / July 27, 2010 17:24 PM

The statue project was approved by the authority in the first place, then a reverse decision was issued on the ground of protest on religious reason that it's too near the mosque which is a few kilometers away when the statue project was already halfway done.

This shows that the authority led by the present leadership of the government was incompetent that it should have had gone through all the necessary standard procedures before a project permit was granted to the Mazu project committee.

The good gesture to offer an alternative site with costs to construct the mazu statue should be viewed as a 'waste', if not abusive, of public fund and power (or authority), technically speaking. BN's image had been gravely tarnished and the damages to the alliance simply could not be assessed, and known.

The effect of the episode will only be fully known perhaps until the results of the coming general election.

The 'abandoned' Mazu status project and its progress is not only known locally but also had widely been informing to the millions of mazu followers nationally and internationally. Would the Mazu case causes any implications on local or foreign trade investments, and international good will, remains to be seen.

One thing very important coming out of this incident was that it had exposed the true colour of some of the Chinese-based BN political parties, locally or west Malaysia-based, all of which were having their own 'surprise if not selfish' agenda and couldn't really work for the benefits of the Chinese community that they have been claiming to safeguarding of the community's rights, especially the constitutional rights.

YBs should not incur unnecessary cost to their own people unfairly

Our elected representative (YB) in Sabah Should help the people in reducing the cost of doing business by finding ways to reduce all unnecessary costings. Sabah people have already been suffering from higher cost of living due to many unfair factors, and our elected YBs should have mercy to help fighting for more subsidy rather than involving themselves in making a quick cut in the businesses of their people.

They should not be involving in some 'businesses' using their position that will incur extra cost to people.

It's a criminal offense if they are caught. Besides, it's immoral and lack of integrity if they do.

The old days of involving themselves as middleman making a fast buck is over if they are considering themselves progressive. They should live humbly nowadays.

For example, some industries, especially the fishing industries, in the east coast of Sabah relying on subsidized diesel for industrial use will be mostly affected with additional burden to the consumers if some kind of monopoly, or conspiracy, is introduced to the industry concerned.

This is against the government's initiative in transforming the government within the 1Malaysia campaign.

People will revenge if they (YBs) compete with their own people with unfair means. This is bad public relation if they do.

What's the link between DAP power struggle, Pakatan dinner, and the presence of a prominent MCA member?

News published in Daily Express / 27-July-2010

Power struggle in a political organization is considered normal but what's really amazing is the story 'linked' to the presence of MCA prominent member, Datuk John Khoo (J. P.), an elder brother of Datuk Edward Khoo Keok Hai, Assistant Minister of the Chief Minister of Sabah, in a Pakatan dinner organized by DAP where big shots like Lim Kit Siong was also present to grace the function.

But, what's the above news got to do with the presence of Datuk John Khoo (J.P.) who is a member of MCA and an elder brother of Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister, Datuk Edward Khoo Keok Hai, in a DAP organized 'Pakatan' dinner?

Does it mean that Datuk John Khoo is interested in DAP, and was there to know more of DAP, or what?

Datuk John Khoo must have got the consent from the family (or the party he belongs now) before he attended the function, maybe for a reason only known to himself, the family, and the organization he is associated with.

If he were there to 'spy', then he must be the most blatant one sent by BN. Will he eventually join DAP? Will he be a champion for the opposition or as an 'under-cover' for BN, only in the last minute of the general election will we know the truth.

Meanwhile, perhaps, a clarification from both Datuk Edward Khoo and Datuk John Khoo will be more appropriate to clear the speculation.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What worry me if Sabah state under new administration?

I'm worry about the competency of our future leaders in managing the state. He/she has to be well educated, knowledgeable, experience, and progressive; some one like the Lee Kuan Yew's quality. They must be of high integrity and patriotic toward the region. We don't want to see the state turned into chaos after the election without proper line-up of leaders to manage the state. We can't afford to have another disappointment again, and we really can't afford it any more. No more administration under green hone, and inexperience hand.

PBS had its chance in 1985-1994 but failed miserably with its appalling performance and Ketuanan Kadazan. Disunity caused by Selfishness, overly self-confidence, and arrogance was the lesson learned for PBS. What a pity for the KDM and the people of Sabah then.

Now that Sabah political scenario has changed tremendously and if regionalism has its way largely due to BN's failure to address the regional sentiment and their own incompetency, Sabahan must be prepared to manage the state all by itself as semenanjung might be split into many parts after that.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lack of confidence is now a virus spreading fast through the air.

This government friend of mine, who is seeking simple dental service, really made me more convinced that the federal government with its health ministry must work aggressively now to regain their confidence in Public Health Services in Sabah, especially Kota Kinabalu, that they simply said that they have no confidence.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital can be a turning point for the Federal Medical Services in Sabah if the government really gets on with the re-construction program with bold decision.

Lack of confidence is now a virus spreading fast through the air.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


亚洲/ 18-07 / 2010

诗华/ 14-6-2010







Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prime Minister Datuk Najib should pay a visit to our Queen Elizabeth Hospital when he's due here soon

PM is schedule to visit KK again within these few days, and this time, he should pay a short and unexpected visit to the old block of QEH to see for himself how the FD of BN ended up.

He's been talking about 1Malaysia, and this one will prove him louder and creditable if he comes and cares for the people of Sabah. I also wonder if Datin Rosmah has paid a visit to the hospital.

Why our local politicians dare not tell or show our fellow leaders in federal the truth of Sabah?

The truth is that a lot of Sabahan are waiting for their turns to get operated. It's unbearable to hear them 'crying' for the services they badly needed.

As Finance Minister and PM, PM Najib is the perfect person for us to seek for help, and I hope that we don't wait for YB Hiew to resign only then we will get the positive development that we want to see.

The reconstruction works of QEH has yet to take off due to certain technical hiccup again, I guess.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Post-term courtesy visit to Dr. Yusuf, Pengarah of Jabatan Kesihatan Sabah

Post-term courtesy visit to Dr. Yusuf, Pengarah of Jabatan Kesihatan Sabah, was accomplished successfully at the 3rd floor of Wisma Persekutuan in Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu, this morning.

Dr. Yusuf was briefed on the latest development of the Ahli Lembaga Pelawat Hospital (ALPH) of Queen Elizabeth hospital, notably on the problems associated with the appointments, and the performance of the committee members.

The Director agreed that more NGOs and female are appointed to extend the influence of the ALPH to reflect the main objective of the organization as 'the bridge between the community and the hospital'. The Director also urged to look into stepping up the interaction between the hospital management and the ALPH. Dr. Yusuf also wished that new teams of ALPH for all the districts in Sabah can be appointed sooner in order to move forward with all the planned activities.

The ALPH of QEH proposed that the state JKN to set up a special centralized complaint unit for the state to handle all the medical complaint calls with a toll-free line where the individual callers will be handled by professionally trained personnels.

The reconstruction of QEH complex was discussed and agreed that it should be sped up for strategic consideration in terms of meeting up the expectation of the public as well as to pave the way for attracting and retaining talents to the hospital. The reconstruction also regarded as a basic foundation and turning point for regaining the public confidence in QEH.

The meeting lasted 1 hour, and ALPH appreciated the time taken for the short exchange of views on the hospital affairs, and looking forward to see more ALPH in the state to work cordially and efficiently with the hospital management in the year forward.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The myth of allegation of the PKR (people development office) office neglecting the plight of Roslinah

This is the news that I read this morning might clarify the myth of allegation of the PKR (people development office) office neglecting the plight of Roslinah long before it's 'exposed' by Kapitan Peter Chong Ching Hang about a week ago.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Why people keep saying that MCA is wrong in supporting the legalization of Sports Betting?

In fact, MCA had done nothing wrong on this matter. It's actually the opposition that had done something wrong. The whole thing had been twisted beyond recognition. Well done, the opposition, on twisting the truth.

It all started with the opposition saying that BN or MCA supports gambling.

What BN and MCA was trying to introduce to the people was to legalize the sports betting in order to firstly stamping out all the illegal sports betting, and secondly allowing government to tax the activity.

It's amazing that the opposition in this case simply protecting the illegal sports betting by not supporting the government's noble effort.

This is very unfortunate for the country as the opposition had misused their influence and 'power' by 'supporting' the illegal activity.

Even more regrettable was that quite a lot of MCA leaders sang the same tune as the opposition of anti-gambling and not anti-illegal sports gambling.

This thing happened because they still had the grudges with them over the 28-March-2010 party re-election.

The openly-split stand on the matter had undoubtedly embarrassed the leadership thereby helping the opposition won the 'battle'.

This matter was then immediately, and also subsequently used by Chinese-based opposition party to capitalize on the discrediting of MCA, the 2nd largest component party of BN.

The opposition has to make sure that the Chinese remain opposing (or hate) the BN in order to continue their aim of overthrowing the BN government in the next general election. Therefore, any incidents or issues that can help in the preservation of the change movement (or discredit of BN) are to be manipulated and capitalized.

BN should not have last minute opted out of the legalization of sports betting as this is a clear sign of its weakness of flip-flopping its decision and policies that is seen as bad management, and handling too.

BN should learn the bloody lesson from this that in future it should carefully study any matter properly, and presenting a viable solution that is convincing and well thought of.

BN must work harder to regain the confidence of the public.

The recent incident should serve as an indication of people of their trust on the government.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Worker shortage in Sabah

The Borneo Post / 2-July-2010

We should welcome the pending policy change in order to meet the challenge of worker shortage in various sectors of the industries in the state.

The main reason is low pay across the whole spectrum of the work forces in Sabah, including degree graduates and other professional category workers.

A large proportion of our youngsters are now currently working in Semenanjung and Singapore, and the reason is quite obvious.

Worker shortage is detrimental to the growth of our economy in Sabah.

How are we going to implement all the various projects and plans as outlined in the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) with the limited human resources and the foreigners?

What's the point of having the huge sum of federal funds in the state but without the workforce to implement, and benefiting only the foreigner most?

If we were to engage the foreigner to do it, it's not really in line with the objective of creating job opportunity for the locals, and the acquisition of skills along wit it.

Yet, we can't wait for the locals to implement it.

We need the various infrastructures now for our future growth.

The outflow of money abroad is expected if engaging foreigner to get things done and maintained in the state. It may turn out to be more problematic later, especially on the social and security issues.

However, it'll be regrettable for the Sabahan not to fully capitalized the opportunity to implement the 10MP in a feverish way as the fund will be taken back and used elsewhere of the country if not finished within the period.

It's therefore crucial that the government to address the worker shortage issue with the highest urgency and carefulness.

On the other hand if we couldn't take up the full challenge of the 10MP allocated for us, maybe the money be best kept with the federal coffer until we need it.