Saturday, October 29, 2011

The effort to promote Malayu language as Lingua Franca in Asean

Malay Can Become Asean's Lingua Franca

Indeed, Malay Can Become Asean's Lingua Franca if every ones in the region feel that it's a better, if not best, communication language than some of the established international languages like English, French, German, and even Japanese or Korean was once widely promoted. However, the process of transition will take time, and through stages of evolution.

It'd be disappointing attempt if the ambition is built from pure racialism, and so-called regionalism, as great culture usually did not emerge in one day.

While the language users, academicians, and promoters are still hard at work to produce Malayu words that trying to match up with the pace of technology advancement, and the rapidly changing world, we must admit that our language is still very much in state of struggle that we seem are seen chasing others than being followed.

We should be in reality pursuing nationalism, or regionalism, while putting equal effort in internationalism.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

These are what I like to see government do in their endeavour to cut their spending positively

Published: Tuesday October 25, 2011 MYT 7:58:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday October 25, 2011 MYT 8:21:30 PM
Call for government departments, agencies to cut their spending

Yes! They should indeed cut their spending, but not at the expense of causing degradation of basic services, and facilities, to the people, and the overall minimum requirement, or performance, of the government.

They should have Cost-Cutting Committees, from the district level all the way to the Ministry level, in order to come out with policy, and subsequently come up with the management or governance plan. Special considerations should be taken into account on regional, territorial, or some unique areas to achieve the ultimate goals of COST-CUTTING.

The cabinet should temporarily halt all mega projects which are less critical to the needs of the people, and of less strategic to the country.

However, maintenance should be placed at higher priority with emphasis on upgrading the services and in the direction of higher efficiency and productivity.

Meanwhile, more revenues for increasing government coffer should be seriously look into and put to action in the highest priority. Government should encourage more creative and ingenious way to boost revenue and cut costs (for the government departments as well as private sectors and individual) without incurring on its own people.

Whoever can achieve these will be a good government indeed, and shall have the praise and applause from the people even after they are no longer in office. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What a combination! An Ignorant of the real situation plus naivity in policy formulation & implementation?

The protest is justifiable, and rightly so, as this type of similar situation has been frequently happening, and woes eventually disregarded, and ignored.

Time to wake up for the federal departments, and its agencies, as people are getting more aware of their rights, and as long as the officials are carrying out their works with sensitivity, professionalism, and sincerity; their contributions would surely be appreciated, and respected, by the locals.

The federal must progress with time in terms of competency, and efficiency, too.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

他们不想忘本(The Sinos just want to respect their ancestral roots)


They prefer to be named as "Sino-Kadazan, Sino-Dusun, Sino-suluk, or Sino-Murut, and so on, but certainly NOT Sino-Native.
Yes, indeed, they all want to respect their ancestral roots.



Friday, July 22, 2011

Why shouldn't UEC be recognized by the government of 1Malaysia?

How much longer the confrontation between the Chinese descendants and the authority predominantly Malay-led will have to continue on this issue?

I thought that the launch of 1Malaysia campaign would have washed out all the negative feelings in our nation's unity building, and the recognition of UEC is indeed one of the people's wishes to be urgently fulfilled by the PM Najib.

I hope 1Malaysia is not truly an empty slogan.

More diversity of education is good for any country including Malaysia, why on earth the authority put up obstacles to block it? It's not going to cause any harm to the existing and on-going education's policy, aims, and aspirations of the country; then why is it not agreeable to the authority?

The world will no doubt still spin without Chinese education, but it will only becoming a national handicap when dealing with the Chinese in Malaysia or abroad.

If the graduates from these Chinese independent schools have already met the government's education standards, then why are they not recognised by the government while our neighbour, Singapore grabs them without hesitation, why?

I hate to say it's because of racism.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Performance Now? Time for autonomy in education?

The urgent cries for help likes the one above shown is common. People are suffering every days, and things are not rectified. The follow-up of issues or problems is usually very poor that it can drag on unresolved for ages, and eventually forgotten. People are urged to be patience with the slowness and no actions of the authority. But, just for how long?

Sabah is a big state, and should therefore logically be given more authority in resolving its local problems in a more efficient and effective manner. It's high time to let go of the power from central and let Sabahan, or East Malaysian, to relieve the burden currently shoulder by the central government. Autonomy in education for Sabah is the natural development for Malaysia which is now 48 years old.

On top of the above complaints, there are other pressing issues such as lacking experience teacher, lack of maintenance to buildings and facilities, high text books and exercise books expenses, poverty, too much works and subjects for the children, low quality of teaching (or teachers) and standard, education gap level between urban and rural students, child abuse in school, bullying and discipline problems........and many many more.....that also includes tertiary education like universities, higher learning institutions etc..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some Suggestions On Education Revamps

This is definitely a positive development from the authority taking charge of education, and as usual, who will get it done? what will it be done? when will it be done? how will it be done? 

No matter what happens to politic, education shouldn't mix with politic. Education is crucial to the national development, and therefore is of national interest, or future security. It's not just the interest of a particular group, or some majority groups; it's simply a matter of people's interest.

The initiative of change should start from the recruitment of teachers (strictly based on merit, and not on quota); they must be of high quality to start with. If necessary, get some good teachers from developed nations to teach in the country so that some local teachers can learn from these foreigners too.

Secondly, take out those less competent teachers from teaching posts, and transferred them elsewhere.

Setup an independent Parent-Teacher association in each school to provide much needed feedbacks from public. The existing PTA is an internal unit of the school, and definitely not effective in improving the standard of school. (note: it renders more as rubber stamp).

A good structure with more interaction with the Board of Director & PTA in each school on the direction of school teaching methods and environment, will be the answer.

Lets' concentrate on producing good quality and regular supply of teachers, and subsequently graduates from primary and secondary schools, and then universities. Particular attention should be on the emphasis on matured teaching staffs where students are typically looking up for leadership and as a model of learning.

With quality human resources, only then our nation is ready for the challenge from the world in terms of national developments, modern businesses, agriculture, and foreign investments etc.....
Without good quality human work force, we will be continuing to rely on labour intensive industries, and subsequently, our foreign neighbours.

Let's hope that this is going to be put into action very soon as time is running out, and it could be too dearly to pay by keep hesitating on the reformation/transformation.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The delay in construction of Nabalu school, who's right, Masidi or Puad?

5.July.2011 The Borneo Post
Deputy Minister of Education is obviously not happy with Masid's open attack on him for not keeping promises to the local people in Nabalu, near Ranau, Sabah. Masidi sadi Puad is a liar according to the original news report.


 6.July.2011 The Borneo Post.
This is what Masidi said in response to Puad's public defense on his delay in commencement of school building construction in Nabalu, near Ranau.

6.July.2011  The Borneo Post
The Tuaran MP, Datuk Bumburing of UPKO, has come out to defend the innocence of Puad, the Deputy Minister of Education; so, the six-million dollars question is: who's the liar? or what went wrong? The issue is: why was the project delayed?

There is a saying that the delay was largely due to in-fighting of the various parties of politicians in the BN. The problem would have not been appeared if the project was not awarded through direct negotiation manner.

It looks like the word 'Transformation' has so far been disappointing that is probably meant to blur the mind of the masses, and is used as a panacea to cure all the economic illness that people suffer.

Saturday, June 25, 2011







Friday, June 10, 2011

Why must thing will only move with higher-up intervention?

If only through the intervention of the wife of Prime Minister that a commonly known poverty case can be swiftly settled, I doubt very much on the capability, reliability, and competency of our civil service.

The head of the civil service must be made to be responsible for a poor performance like this.

I hope that this incident is only an isolated case which many said otherwise. If PM Najib really wanted to save the nation and BN from being disliked by its own people, he must put his feet down on the mismanagement or mis-administration on the part of the civil service.

Sometimes it may be unfair to single out the civil service for poor performance of the government, but for being a very important part of the government, they must upheld their charter and responsibility whom the people entrusted to administrate and govern.

Maybe the civil servants and the elected YBs should be continuously undergoing some sort of patriotic camp to get their mindset and spirit in the right track. They should know that their performance matters in our nation survival in the world, and they must not be complacent and become unrealistic.

But, who dares to work on them as we all know that they are so powerful now? They can only be made to be reasonable powerful by the party who made them extremely powerful. They should be powerful in their good administration and not powerful in slowing down the aspiration of the people.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Malaysia Considers Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

It only solves part of the whole problem.

From indecisiveness to now welcoming the foreign workers, the government move to legalize the foreigners is laudable but what about the social and security aspects which we are known to be very weak as compared to the developed countries, just take for example in Sabah, the presence of large numbers of illegal immigrants with its social and cultural impacts on our society, notably on medical services and policing; has all the strong basis for our doubts and concerns.

With or without legalization, the capability and competency of our authority, and our capacity, to take on 4 millions of foreigners in a total population of 28 millions, is really no easy task, and I really have doubts that we could handle it without problems.

As if our problems not enough, our human resources under the ever controversial education system has not been producing the right types of workers especially on their competency in work; how are we going to depend on these new generation of workers to sustain the economy, or improve the economy?

The various transformations will not work if we don't have the good quality and competent human resources, and that we simply don't have them in the country, they have all gone for greener pastures elsewhere, and it's not easy to attract them back once migrated.

Despite all that, do we have a better choice? Would higher pay will salvage the situation?

I think We are simply stuck in a dilemma, and the problem is largely of our governance which I think will be the only solution to overcome all the various issues arising from the efforts to resolve the country's woes.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


衷心祝贺沙巴马华党员苏诗登,谭永恩,曾湘如,曾华文,彭金裕,潘基文 (Pan Kee Voon)等荣获最高元首封赐JMN, JSM, KMN, AMN, PPN, PPN勋衔(顺序),你们的忠心耿耿,默默追随,辛勤工作,结果是众望所归。希望您们能继续实至名归,无畏无惧,捍卫沙巴人民的民族,民权,及民生.
Congratulation to our fellow comrades - Su See Teng, Tham Yin Enn, Chen Siong Yee, Cheng Hwa Wen,
Peng Kim Joo, and Pan Kee Voon for your great achievement of being honoured with the titles -
JMN, JSM, KMN, AMN, PPN, PPN respectively by his excellency, the yang di-pertuan Agong.
I hope you will all be able to help bringing more recognition of MCA presence in Sabah, and
continue to fight and safeguard the rights and interests of Sabah under the constitution of the federation
of Malaysia.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My views and feelings on mobile radio waves that claims causing brain cancer

High mobile use can cause brain cancer: WHO

Kounteya Sinha, TNN, Jun 2, 2011, 02.43am IST

This is an increasingly concern agenda from most people nowadays, and yet, our ministry of Science Technology and innovation has not been addressing this fear amicably.

The erection of lots of transmitting towers on top of most rooftops for example has been suspicious for its effects on human living or working near offices around the towers.

What about the Wi-Fi wireless radio signals in the office as well as houses? What about the wiMax radio signal waves? What about the Infra red signal and the bluetooth radio waves?

The cell phone radio waves are everywhere today, we seem to have completely submerged under the sea of radio bombardment, and therefore rightly said that we have been cooking by them frequently, and if excessively exposed, may have been a key causes of diseases like brain cancer.

Our universities should lead in this study of radiation to the people, and should have done research on this topic in order to advise the public of their findings to minimise the direct effects on the people living with the electromagnetic wave environment.

Why are we always have to passively wait for other countries to do the research and investigation while we have most of the academicians doing hardly anything significance to the society and in their field of study? Who knows that by going for the serious effort in studying on this topic, maybe Malaysian could be the one in the world to come out with some innovations on overcoming the impact of the pollution caused by electromagnetic radiation?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why must we and our elected government put up with all these ignorant talks?

Sabah & Sarawak should be excluded from this so-called 'social contract' and the 'generosity' of certain group in the country.

What about our safeguard with the '20-point agreement' and the '18-point agreement' for Sarawakian? Had or Have they (the Semenanjung People) been honouring it fully?

The people of the semenanjung should have left all their unhappiness and bad history behind, and not to unnecessarily burden us with it as it's very unfair for us to shoulder for something not our doing. They can keep it for themselves but not passing it to us.

If our forefather during the time of the independence negotiation had heard of this type of saying; they would have had told these idiots to get out of our land and forgot about the idea of forming Malaysia.

I think it's time that our state government to take a stand on this matter and making sure that this sort of twisted thinking and self-made belief will not be a part of the 1Malaysia currently championed by PM Najib's government.

Equally important, our federal government and their coalition partners ought to declare that they will subscribed solely to the constitution, and not any transient acts outside of the constitution.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

恭喜李集锦同志受委沙巴航空董事局主席Congratulation to MCA Kudat Division Chief , Mr. Li Ji Jin, for his appointment as the new Board Chairman of Sabah Air Sdn. Bhd.

希望在联邦交通部(马华拿督江作汉部长和来自沙巴的Datuk Bakri副交通部长的协助和配合下,能够提升沙巴航空至另一高峰- 成为本区域的航空泰斗。

Congratulation to MCA Kudat Division Chief cum Kudat District Councillor, Mr. Li Ji Jin, for being appointed the new Board Chairman of Sabah Air Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary state government company in the business of air transportation services.

Prior to his appointment, the position was occupied by Datuk Pang Yuk Ming of the LDP.

It's positively believed that Mr. Li's appointment will catapult Sabah Air to new height with the expecting closer relationship of Li and the Ministry of Transport which is headed by MCA's Secretary, Datuk Kong Cho Ha, and coincidently, an even closer relationship from fellow UMNO/BN Kudat MP, Datuk Bakri.

Let's wish Mr. Li all the bests and wishing him success in making Sabah Air a regional air transport challenger/might in the foreseeable future.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Utusan tells BN to ignore Chinese vote after Sarawak polls - The Malaysian Insider

Utusan tells BN to ignore Chinese vote after Sarawak polls - The Malaysian Insider

I hope that the Utusan Editor would instead calling the government to step up the effort of 1Malaysia to educate all the citizens of the land to unite and focus on one thing - to achieve advance country and high income for all in the near future.

But, regrettably, he chose to go for the negative option, that is to isolate the community which went against the government in the election.

I wonder if he understands what democracy, freedom of expression, and minority rights are all about.

Utusan is the most influential voice of UMNO and of the Malay community, being a media of such magnitude, it should be promoting the 1Malaysia spirit of inclusiveness than exclusiveness.

They should approach the urban voters by telling the majority community what these urbanites want and the advantages of going along with the urbanites than promoting 'marginalization' and more misunderstandings between the urbanites and the rest of the country.

They (Utusan) shouldn't behave like this simply because the urban people voted against the government.

Their mentality and attitude are very much undesired especially when UMNO-led BN has been trying relentlessly to unite the people of Malaysia for the future benefits of the nation.

What Utusan Editor is doing is to sabotage it instead of helping the government.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BN must rectify the medical woes in Sabah first before re-seeking new mandate from the people

Sabah people had had high expectation of Malaysia when it was formed 48 years ago, this negative report of the condition at Labuan hospital from the mouth of its MP is alarming and definitely will damage the credibility of the federal government especially the BN.

Health Minister Datuk Liow shouldn't be taking it lightly as the medical health services has been an ongoing and very hot issue in Sabah. The BN shouldn't give the opposition the chance to raise this matter even if this is a nationwide dilemma of the authority.

East Malaysia states especially Sabah must be given highest priority in addressing all the medical service problems as the condition in the top Sabahan hospital, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), is embarrassingly unbearable and unacceptable.

The rectification process in 're-instating' the hospital has been too slow going that people are beginning to wonder if the government really had the sincerity in resolving the various  issues.

One thing regrettable is that the hospital has so far not been visited by the Prime Minister himself amidst of the 'controversy' when he visited Kota Kinabalu several times for the Meet-The-People Walk-about activity.

Had he been to the wards of the QEH and its internal areas, he might have had a different idea on his mind when he got home to Putra Jaya.

Even though Sabah is a fixed Deposit of BN and the federal government but the situation of the medical services remains an unbelievable mystery to the Sabah people and the rest of the world.

The QEH needs some changes on its  administration and management in order to have any slightest hope of a turn-around.

Sabah state government must quickly take over the responsibility by setting up its own Medical Health Department or Committee to ensure the performance of the Health Services in Sabah is acceptable and within the United Nation's standard of quality service.

BN must rectify all the medical woes in Sabah first before re-seeking new mandate from the people.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

马华必须协助沙巴的华裔土著争取该有的政治地位和权益(MCA must help Sino-natives in Sabah to gain their entitled status)



MCA, especially Sabah MCA, must help these Sino-natives to gain their legal status as a true native in the land (Malaysia). This is also the good opportunity for BN government to show what 1Malaysia is all about, that is : Justice and fairness for all.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mahatir should not undermine PM's good efforts - from Mohd Fauzi Patel

What Patel said is really appropriate and fair to say that Tun M has been behaving very strangely and inconsistently lately.

His latest unbecoming behaviour really have made us to rethink and re-evaluate his historical contribution to the nation building.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

From Maliau Basin as a future 'World's Heritage' to Coal-fired Power Plant in Lahad Datu

PM: M'sia keen to list Sabah's Maliau Basin as a world heritage site
By MUGUNTAN VANAR / The Star online

Listing it as the world's heritage will be difficult, taking its advantages for sustainable benefits from its 'world's heritage' status will be an even more difficult challenge for the government and its people; it will take both the state and federal governments a lot of wisdoms and competencies to make the Maliau Basin a long term asset of Sabah and Malaysia.

The return and the values from the status shall be getting larger as the times go by because tropical rainforest with conservation, research,  and recreational purposes becomes rarer in the world by then. it's the Eco-tourism that we are talking about, the future income earner of Sabah.

The conservation of Maliau Basin, or the likes, may have to deploy of high technology as an addition in order to be effective. In fact, the whole Sabah should go for Green Energy policy and it ought to be committal in this frontier, be it in the west or east coast or interior of the state, the government must make landmark decision to adopt the latest trend of earth living direction in order to move on confidently in the world village community.

The much-talked and controversial coal-fired power plant project for the east coast of Sabah should therefore be abandoned for good.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm finally home this afternoon. There's no place like home.

One month of self-exodus is enough for me.

One month of 'living' in advanced foreign countries makes me feel sad and worry about our country's future especially on the gaps between us and these European countries.

The gap is actually widening further apart than bringing closer.

Our political leaders must first of all unite the people, and working on basic principles of politic - to bring up the status of the nation and its people by good Governance via administration and management.

It's time that the leaders put down the priority of self-interests and sacrificing for the people and the nation for the generations ahead. They should make Sabah their home.

I must say I had enough of those slogans, and I really want to see results and performance in the new year ahead.

For the Malaysian government of the day, my new year advice is "Mind The Gap'.