Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why must we and our elected government put up with all these ignorant talks?


Sabah & Sarawak should be excluded from this so-called 'social contract' and the 'generosity' of certain group in the country.

What about our safeguard with the '20-point agreement' and the '18-point agreement' for Sarawakian? Had or Have they (the Semenanjung People) been honouring it fully?

The people of the semenanjung should have left all their unhappiness and bad history behind, and not to unnecessarily burden us with it as it's very unfair for us to shoulder for something not our doing. They can keep it for themselves but not passing it to us.

If our forefather during the time of the independence negotiation had heard of this type of saying; they would have had told these idiots to get out of our land and forgot about the idea of forming Malaysia.

I think it's time that our state government to take a stand on this matter and making sure that this sort of twisted thinking and self-made belief will not be a part of the 1Malaysia currently championed by PM Najib's government.

Equally important, our federal government and their coalition partners ought to declare that they will subscribed solely to the constitution, and not any transient acts outside of the constitution.