Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What a combination! An Ignorant of the real situation plus naivity in policy formulation & implementation?

The protest is justifiable, and rightly so, as this type of similar situation has been frequently happening, and woes eventually disregarded, and ignored.

Time to wake up for the federal departments, and its agencies, as people are getting more aware of their rights, and as long as the officials are carrying out their works with sensitivity, professionalism, and sincerity; their contributions would surely be appreciated, and respected, by the locals.

The federal must progress with time in terms of competency, and efficiency, too.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

他们不想忘本(The Sinos just want to respect their ancestral roots)


They prefer to be named as "Sino-Kadazan, Sino-Dusun, Sino-suluk, or Sino-Murut, and so on, but certainly NOT Sino-Native.
Yes, indeed, they all want to respect their ancestral roots.



Friday, July 22, 2011

Why shouldn't UEC be recognized by the government of 1Malaysia?

How much longer the confrontation between the Chinese descendants and the authority predominantly Malay-led will have to continue on this issue?

I thought that the launch of 1Malaysia campaign would have washed out all the negative feelings in our nation's unity building, and the recognition of UEC is indeed one of the people's wishes to be urgently fulfilled by the PM Najib.

I hope 1Malaysia is not truly an empty slogan.

More diversity of education is good for any country including Malaysia, why on earth the authority put up obstacles to block it? It's not going to cause any harm to the existing and on-going education's policy, aims, and aspirations of the country; then why is it not agreeable to the authority?

The world will no doubt still spin without Chinese education, but it will only becoming a national handicap when dealing with the Chinese in Malaysia or abroad.

If the graduates from these Chinese independent schools have already met the government's education standards, then why are they not recognised by the government while our neighbour, Singapore grabs them without hesitation, why?

I hate to say it's because of racism.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Performance Now? Time for autonomy in education?

The urgent cries for help likes the one above shown is common. People are suffering every days, and things are not rectified. The follow-up of issues or problems is usually very poor that it can drag on unresolved for ages, and eventually forgotten. People are urged to be patience with the slowness and no actions of the authority. But, just for how long?

Sabah is a big state, and should therefore logically be given more authority in resolving its local problems in a more efficient and effective manner. It's high time to let go of the power from central and let Sabahan, or East Malaysian, to relieve the burden currently shoulder by the central government. Autonomy in education for Sabah is the natural development for Malaysia which is now 48 years old.

On top of the above complaints, there are other pressing issues such as lacking experience teacher, lack of maintenance to buildings and facilities, high text books and exercise books expenses, poverty, too much works and subjects for the children, low quality of teaching (or teachers) and standard, education gap level between urban and rural students, child abuse in school, bullying and discipline problems........and many many more.....that also includes tertiary education like universities, higher learning institutions etc..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some Suggestions On Education Revamps

This is definitely a positive development from the authority taking charge of education, and as usual, who will get it done? what will it be done? when will it be done? how will it be done? 

No matter what happens to politic, education shouldn't mix with politic. Education is crucial to the national development, and therefore is of national interest, or future security. It's not just the interest of a particular group, or some majority groups; it's simply a matter of people's interest.

The initiative of change should start from the recruitment of teachers (strictly based on merit, and not on quota); they must be of high quality to start with. If necessary, get some good teachers from developed nations to teach in the country so that some local teachers can learn from these foreigners too.

Secondly, take out those less competent teachers from teaching posts, and transferred them elsewhere.

Setup an independent Parent-Teacher association in each school to provide much needed feedbacks from public. The existing PTA is an internal unit of the school, and definitely not effective in improving the standard of school. (note: it renders more as rubber stamp).

A good structure with more interaction with the Board of Director & PTA in each school on the direction of school teaching methods and environment, will be the answer.

Lets' concentrate on producing good quality and regular supply of teachers, and subsequently graduates from primary and secondary schools, and then universities. Particular attention should be on the emphasis on matured teaching staffs where students are typically looking up for leadership and as a model of learning.

With quality human resources, only then our nation is ready for the challenge from the world in terms of national developments, modern businesses, agriculture, and foreign investments etc.....
Without good quality human work force, we will be continuing to rely on labour intensive industries, and subsequently, our foreign neighbours.

Let's hope that this is going to be put into action very soon as time is running out, and it could be too dearly to pay by keep hesitating on the reformation/transformation.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The delay in construction of Nabalu school, who's right, Masidi or Puad?

5.July.2011 The Borneo Post
Deputy Minister of Education is obviously not happy with Masid's open attack on him for not keeping promises to the local people in Nabalu, near Ranau, Sabah. Masidi sadi Puad is a liar according to the original news report.


 6.July.2011 The Borneo Post.
This is what Masidi said in response to Puad's public defense on his delay in commencement of school building construction in Nabalu, near Ranau.

6.July.2011  The Borneo Post
The Tuaran MP, Datuk Bumburing of UPKO, has come out to defend the innocence of Puad, the Deputy Minister of Education; so, the six-million dollars question is: who's the liar? or what went wrong? The issue is: why was the project delayed?

There is a saying that the delay was largely due to in-fighting of the various parties of politicians in the BN. The problem would have not been appeared if the project was not awarded through direct negotiation manner.

It looks like the word 'Transformation' has so far been disappointing that is probably meant to blur the mind of the masses, and is used as a panacea to cure all the economic illness that people suffer.