Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Car park closure angers visitors, patients

Car park closure angers visitors, patients

Just based on the report, I think the customer of SMC shouldn't be mad on DBKK for issuing the stop order as there are laws to comply for every body regardless of their status (ideally). The action of DBKK may be viewed as 'inhuman' but they are  just trying to carry out their responsibility.

The chaos in fact all originated from the day the now demolished tower block of QEH which declared unsafe in November of 2008. The SMC is considered the 'victim' and the 'beneficiary' of the declaration. As 'Beneficiary', it is sold at a good price to the government and the shareholders of SMC are all laughing their way to the bank, 'Victim' is their customers are suffering with government hospital patients jamming into the same hospital complex and therefore all the chaos and mess.

All in all, the people are the losers.

If people wanted to look for scapegoat, the government is likely be the one as QEH had been neglected during those politicking years between the 80s and 90s. Then, even more unforgivable was that the continuance of the negligence after BN re-took Sabah.

However, what's happened already happened, what we want now is the government swiftly rectify all these problems in the shortest time possible.

People should be patient and sacrifice for another few more months or a year or two (if my observation is not wrong) before things progressed and improved.

Meanwhile, people should write in or voice out to the various channels to tell the government of their grievances on the health care services in Sabah starting from the QEH.

We must start our concern from the 60 state Assemblymen and 25 Members of Parliament.

Have they collectively passed a resolution in the state assembly for our concern on the medical service in Sabah yet?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's the priority on governance, and not the originality of 1Malaysia


PM Najib shouldn't be too concerning on the originality of the 1Malaysia concept, what's important to us as citizen is that we want good governance. A government that can unite all the people of Malaysia under a fair & just policies of governance, caring for our welfare, and deliver what a good government should.

I'm still not quite understand the rational behind all these fuss from the opposition about the originality of the campaign except that it's about the so-called Zionist Israel.

On foreigner to be involved in the civil service (or governance?), I hope that we will not be too liberated to allow foreigner to become our Prime Minister in the near future. It's not impossible if the Sabahan PTI is not resolved, by then technically some of these PTIs become Malaysian, they are eligible to run for the UMNO presidency. I hope embracing the PTI into Malaysian is not part of the 1Malaysia plan and spirit.

The day will come when UMNO leaders keep saying publicly the word 'Malaysian' than the word 'Malay'. UMNO leadership shall be the deciding factor in the direction of future Malaysia.

The fact that the 1malaysia created by the so-called consultant merely a coincidence that Israel had something similar years ago. There's nothing wrong to copy the idea and concept so long as it's beneficial to us and without the legal liabilities and violation of international laws.

If BN government could really carry out the 1Malaysia in reality, and successfully, then the next Nobel prize winner may be our PM Najib.

Just wait and see.