Saturday, May 19, 2012

When an outsider is getting over your head?

well, I must say I'm quite disappointed with some of the outsiders who are now behave as if they are the rightful natives of Sabah. I was even questioned back on my ancestor's origin when speaking up on Sabah's woes. What he didn't know is that he, another so-called Chinese Sarawakian (maybe a SINO Sarawakian), thinks he knows everything in Sabah, and harassing me as if I'm not a local. Isn't it very funny that you are being bullied in your own land by the outsiders?

The locals are indeed very weak in Sabah in terms of ability to learn (except some), but being a local, be them Chinese origin by blood or not, will sympathize the situation with more helps rather than taking advantages off their fellow Sabahan. 

Sabahan must unite, and only a united Sabah will be respected, it's a fact of life as accordance to the law out there.

You say Yes, I say No

Dr Chua wants MCA reps to be more vocal in Parliament, state assembly


Yes, the elected YBs should, and must, speak up for what they have been doing in their jobs and roles, and in particular, on the woes of the people regardless if the matters concerning their higher ups, comrades or not, and BN or MCA. There's a hidden fear amongst all the elected YBs, or ministers, that they fear of losing their benefits and futures by being blunt and bold, so they choose the smarter way of keeping mum on the higher ups, and place the people as second place. Having said that, some local MCA members in Sabah who have been highlighting the various woes of the people in Sabah is reported to have received negative remarks from the supporters of certain ministers from the party. It may be coincident that these supporters of the Sabah MCA are not originally Sabahan and therefore may not be able to understand the strong feelings of the locals over certain issues affecting the state . People are now generally more knowledgeable about politic, and even very much aware of the inner workings of political and governmental systems, therefore it's high time that these politicians who have the chances to serve the people to adapt and perform with their bests as the 2nd chances of being re-appointed is likely to be very slim, based on past records.