Thursday, September 30, 2010

Different Biro Tata Negera for Sabah & Sarawak?

I think we ought to have a localized Biro Tata Negera (BTN) in Sabah or Sarawak under the guideline of the 20-points, the basis of Sabah joining Singapore, Sarawak, and Federation of Malaya, to form the 47-years of Malaysia.

The reason for a different BTN is because West Malaysia has different history and social backgrounds than us here. The culture, including mentality and attitude, of government officers there is simply not compliance with our aspirations based on the 20-points spirit.

Our state government must speak up on this matter with the federal to rectify the wrongs for the sake of national unity and progress.

Furthermore, the latest self-exposure of the high officers and respective civil servants in semenanjung had completely going against the 1Malaysia championed by our PM Najib.

BTN is under the Ministry of the Prime Minister.

What should PM Najib do next ????

Tuesday, September 28, 2010




州政府必须投入参与协助解决这项问题,虽然医院事属联邦卫生部但是现在吃亏的还是人民 -沙巴州的子民。沙巴州政府是不应该袖手旁观的,所谓城门失火殃及池鱼也。



Friday, September 24, 2010

Is this the begining of the end of MCA? Will the new in-fighting trigger another round of civil war again?

"MCA" car plates: Tee Keat shows proof
by Husna Yusop
for details , refer 

What are the main agenda in MCA today?
Whta's going on in MCA?
Why is this happening?

It looks like the forthcoming party election has something to do with this incident.

Now, whoever is right is not the centre of the interest, the main issue that is concerned most is that Kong should in a 'selfish' way protecting the name of Ong if there were wrong doings. Ong,  who was after all, a former or immediate-past President of MCA and his immediate-past Minister of Transport or his predecessor; what are the motives behind Kong's somewhat brave integrity and courageous disclosure of this matter which is definitely going to be bad publicity for both Ong as well as MCA as a whole.

The BN, or MCA, badly need to recover from the 308 Tsunami, and also the terrible party crisis and EGM after EGM in the last 2 years, and people especially the Chinese Community has become really fed up with the disunity and dirts exposed during the 'civil war' within MCA.

Now, after the 328 party EGM to re-election, the new team now led by Chua should be going full steam ahead catching the lost time in order to face the challenge - the next General Election which should fall in not later than March, 2013. But, instead, a new smoke now comes up months ahead of the forthcoming party election which should start in March, 2011.

Kong had lost his Deputy President battle against Liow TL in the last EGM, and was immediately appointed Secretary by Chua, and subsequently appointed as Transport Minister. In his immediate reporting for work in the ministry, he announced that the investigation for the PKFZ is not to be continued, and has caused some rows and disappointments in the country.

Now Ong said he had proof that he had rescinded the order or request for MCA number plates; and now it's the Kong's turn to reply. So, who's the liar? Has Kong blow the wrong whistle? What's next?

If I remember quite well, sometimes during October 2008 and March 2010; Chua and Tee were also alleged by fellow comrade in the party that they had committed wrong doing in a hospital land deal in Johor, and the case was quietly faded away without much impact after a while.

Any way, I hope MCA leaders know what they are doing as the party can not afford another mud-slinging, mutual-slandering any more, as the influence and strength in those PR states becoming ever stronger as the days gone by.

Already, the general public impression of MCA leaders has been negative, and a lot of the people has given up hope of relying on the party to champion their rights and benefits.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are local BN parties at par with their Semenanjung counterparts, and, should Sabah BN has different set of protocol to follow?

I wonder if the position of a local BN party is truly at par with the national BN party. I refer to the Daily Express report today:-

If the statement of PM Najib has been taken heed, or respected, by the respective and relevant BN component party, then this statement of 'advice' or 'appeal' in the open should not have been raised in the newspaper; instead it should be appropriately presented in the follow-up BN internal discussions and meetings, maybe more appropriately at the BN national level now.


Why do you need a Youth Head of Sabah BN to do this if there's already sincerity within the Sabah BN or BN to resolve the crisis amicably and peacefully?


The action of the Sabah BN Youth is also seen as protocol-wise not appropriate since they could simply write in to the BN office seeking for the clarifications or conveying their views within the BN discussion of the subject, instead of telling the whole world.


It's also interesting to know if the view of this so-called Sabah BN Youth Chief included the view of the LDP Youth too? Had the Sabah BN Youth held any meeting in deriving this stand?


There shall be some basic respect with regard to this matter. Datuk VK Liew, the Party Chief of LDP,  by right should be talking to PM Najib who is the National BN Chief on any BN matters, and the Youth Head seems to have ignorant on this basic manner. Even if he has to raise the matter, it can only be done internally within the BN channel, and no others.


It's high time that Sabah BN observes the basic protocol as the Sabah BN has many of its components who are locally based, and the membership of these respective leaders are of the national status level. So they are both respectable locally, and nationally, and should be respected accordingly within the BN hierarchy.


Nevertheless, 'ketuanan' attitude must not be prevail in Sabah soil; and Sabah BN must unite at all levels regardless of rank and file if they want to ward off the oncoming Tsunami of the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in Sabah soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010





沙巴人就是太相信西马同胞,以为沙巴人的心声及权益会在‘大哥’们的照顾下完全受到处理和贯彻,而维护州利益的20条款亦应该是 稳凤不动的。殊不知,有人失职。沙巴人不断地在问:这些西马来的政党是否真正的会为我们忠诚的服务呢?

冰冻三尺非一日之寒,要使新一代的沙巴政治团体等对马华,民政,国大党等完全信服还得等上好多年的真诚服务.就以中央医院今天的‘处境’来看就能知道为什么本地人不相信西马来西亚的政党了。其他令人不满或疏忽的类似例子的,比比皆是, 如交通部之多样措施活政策之对沙巴所造成的不公不利都未曾给与纠正,而和基建工程的缓慢完成更是有目共睹的事实。总之,馨竹难书矣。

当然 ,与加之罪,何患无证呢?