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Car park closure angers visitors, patients

Car park closure angers visitors, patients

Just based on the report, I think the customer of SMC shouldn't be mad on DBKK for issuing the stop order as there are laws to comply for every body regardless of their status (ideally). The action of DBKK may be viewed as 'inhuman' but they are  just trying to carry out their responsibility.

The chaos in fact all originated from the day the now demolished tower block of QEH which declared unsafe in November of 2008. The SMC is considered the 'victim' and the 'beneficiary' of the declaration. As 'Beneficiary', it is sold at a good price to the government and the shareholders of SMC are all laughing their way to the bank, 'Victim' is their customers are suffering with government hospital patients jamming into the same hospital complex and therefore all the chaos and mess.

All in all, the people are the losers.

If people wanted to look for scapegoat, the government is likely be the one as QEH had been neglected during those politicking years between the 80s and 90s. Then, even more unforgivable was that the continuance of the negligence after BN re-took Sabah.

However, what's happened already happened, what we want now is the government swiftly rectify all these problems in the shortest time possible.

People should be patient and sacrifice for another few more months or a year or two (if my observation is not wrong) before things progressed and improved.

Meanwhile, people should write in or voice out to the various channels to tell the government of their grievances on the health care services in Sabah starting from the QEH.

We must start our concern from the 60 state Assemblymen and 25 Members of Parliament.

Have they collectively passed a resolution in the state assembly for our concern on the medical service in Sabah yet?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's the priority on governance, and not the originality of 1Malaysia


PM Najib shouldn't be too concerning on the originality of the 1Malaysia concept, what's important to us as citizen is that we want good governance. A government that can unite all the people of Malaysia under a fair & just policies of governance, caring for our welfare, and deliver what a good government should.

I'm still not quite understand the rational behind all these fuss from the opposition about the originality of the campaign except that it's about the so-called Zionist Israel.

On foreigner to be involved in the civil service (or governance?), I hope that we will not be too liberated to allow foreigner to become our Prime Minister in the near future. It's not impossible if the Sabahan PTI is not resolved, by then technically some of these PTIs become Malaysian, they are eligible to run for the UMNO presidency. I hope embracing the PTI into Malaysian is not part of the 1Malaysia plan and spirit.

The day will come when UMNO leaders keep saying publicly the word 'Malaysian' than the word 'Malay'. UMNO leadership shall be the deciding factor in the direction of future Malaysia.

The fact that the 1malaysia created by the so-called consultant merely a coincidence that Israel had something similar years ago. There's nothing wrong to copy the idea and concept so long as it's beneficial to us and without the legal liabilities and violation of international laws.

If BN government could really carry out the 1Malaysia in reality, and successfully, then the next Nobel prize winner may be our PM Najib.

Just wait and see.

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今天东马人还要付西马人都不必付的所谓运输费就能买到理想的汽车了 。东西马怎么会不有分别呢?




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Friday, November 12, 2010

How I wish PM was warded in Queen Elizabeth Hospital?

How I wish PM was warded in Queen Elizabeth Hospital so that he'd have personal experience in understanding our dilapidated condition better?

By providing up to standard medical cares to the society at a competitive cost is one of the top priorities of the government. But, how long can the government sustain the huge costs involved every year with the present rate of fees at a meager RM1 & RM5 per visit respectively?

We pay less and we should expect to get less, it's the rule, therefore, it's important that we must have a clean and efficient government in the first place that fund allocated are fully used in the services.

People must also start to pay more at public hospitals or clinics in order to relieve the government burden but at the same time government must also help people to earn more to reduce the government's subsidies on various welfares rendered to the public.

The real answer still lies with money or fund, that is how good the government in handling the economy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How I feel about high income economy?

by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Putrajaya, Malaysia
Prime Minister of Malaysia
1981 - 2003 http://chedet.co.cc/chedetblog/2010/10/high-income-economy-1.html

The above link from former PM Tun Mahathir is referred.

Surely the government has the answer on how much would be enough for each individual in order to pay for all their necessary living costs, and therefore should be able to come out with the minimum income figure so that every employers must pay at least the minimum amount say for a clerk as example.

The authority should also have  figures for other categories of workers in the country, some sorts of guidebook or guideline for remuneration.

The government should therefore act now with the minimum income policy instead of seeing workers staging strike or demonstration.
How long can the government or the country afford on the human resource drains?

The success of the high income policy lies with its implementation which is most crucial in its entire cycle.

There seems even more serious problems ahead than just losing our people to other countries; it is the unemployable human resources that we really should be worrying now, and the education department must really be fully revamped quickly.

I hope we will not end up with high salary but zero purchasing power just because of our human resources are 'molded' to be of low quality and productivity.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From Free Wi-Fi in Gua Musang to Telecommunication problems in POIC of Lahad Datu, Sabah


If 30 villages in Gua Musang can enjoy free Wi-Fi service provided by the federal government, why can't our villages in Sabah enjoy the same benefits?

In the midst of government's Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), free broadband services shall be an essential infrastructure for growth and success so that higher productivity and efficiency can be achieved, thus realizing the government's aim of achieving higher income for the population soon.

Just take Lahad Datu, a major town in the east coast of Sabah, its Palm Oil Industrial cluster (POIC)(http://www.poic.com.my/index.asp?p=aboutus-intro
), the internet services, or telecommunication infrastructure, has been very disappointing that the service is very unreliable and of unbelievable performance.

If government really means business of wanting to help the people and bringing up the country economy, apart from appealing for transforming the civil services, a quality telecommunication infrastructure is one of the most important elements that need to be addressed now.

Transform Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TMB), and other related communication corporations, should now be a priority in gearing towards a better tomorrow of Sabah.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Doubtful reasons to divide Kota Kinabalu to two zones

May I remind Datuk Jumat that it's unnecessary to split Kota Kinabalu City into two (2).

The impression I have with the suggestion is that the city is going to be 'specifically' run by 'bumiputra' or non-bumiputra' officers. Just when Sabah has been hailed as the role model of 1Malaysia, the suggestion seems very odd and somewhat contradictory to the spirit of 1Malaysia championed by our PM Najib.

May I also remind Datuk Jumat that it's the meritocracy, competency, and trustworthiness that they want for their Mayor. It's just when we all talk about uniting all the races together regardless of whether bumi or non-bumi in order to restart our mission in the national building, the proposal from Datuk Jumat is definitely out-of-date.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do we need to enforce the use of Bahasa?

My view is : NO NEED.

There's no doubt that we should be using Bahasa Malaysia but not necessarily to use force in order to achieve the so-called patriotism as 'full use' of the language doesn't mean that we are all patriotic, pro-Malaysia or Malay. The language will be loved or preferred by all Malaysian if it serves the purpose of an efficient communication language. There shall be no suspicion about it nor worry about its usage and importance.

In my case, as a Chinese Sabahan/Malaysian at the age of 57 years who had not been educated in Bahasa Malaysia from young, the encouragement of the use of language is acceptable but not with the 'harsh' tone of enforcement etc.
The 20-point agreement in the formation of Malaysia had clearly stated of the rights of using other languages freely, and this had sown the seed of diversity in the use of languages in the country, and because of this, we are better off than many neighbouring countries although it may seem at times that we are lacking the impression of dominant of the national language. In reality, the Bahasa, our national language, has been widely used, and in time to come it may eventually grow to the extent of 100% usage in all the levels of the society.

Therefore, it's unnecessary for us to amplify this matter by overly promoting the national language by jeopardizing the use of other existing languages which are of national interests too.

By the way, Sabah UMNO, or even UMNO in Semenanjung,  must be sensitive in their approach in promoting the national language. They should avoid causing resentments over the issue by intimidating other language users.

By the way, after reading the following Jamawi's comment on KJ's AGM speech last year, I think he is not an extremist who will hurt the feelings of his fellow Sabahan or Malaysian in general.

Get rid of siege mentality, Khairy urges Malays


http://www.thenutgraph.com/will-khairy-succeed/Jamawi (Courtesy of Jamawi Jaafar) 
Additionally, Khairy’s message may sell better in some places than others, notes Youth executive council member Jamawi Jaafar, who is from Sabah.
Jamawi explains that Umno in Sabah can’t afford to be locked in the straightjacket of “Malay supremacy” because party membership includes those of other faiths as long as they are bumiputera. Hence, Khairy’s message may be more well accepted in Sabah than in the peninsula.

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恭喜沙巴马华保佛区会主席杨光华同志今天荣膺沙巴州元首封赐PGDK (Datuk)拿督勋衔

 恭喜沙巴马华保佛区会主席杨光华同志今天荣膺沙巴州元首封赐PGDK (Datuk)拿督勋衔。拿督杨光华同志,继续努力,以争取更高的成就。

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Different Biro Tata Negera for Sabah & Sarawak?

I think we ought to have a localized Biro Tata Negera (BTN) in Sabah or Sarawak under the guideline of the 20-points, the basis of Sabah joining Singapore, Sarawak, and Federation of Malaya, to form the 47-years of Malaysia.

The reason for a different BTN is because West Malaysia has different history and social backgrounds than us here. The culture, including mentality and attitude, of government officers there is simply not compliance with our aspirations based on the 20-points spirit.

Our state government must speak up on this matter with the federal to rectify the wrongs for the sake of national unity and progress.

Furthermore, the latest self-exposure of the high officers and respective civil servants in semenanjung had completely going against the 1Malaysia championed by our PM Najib.

BTN is under the Ministry of the Prime Minister.

What should PM Najib do next ????

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州政府必须投入参与协助解决这项问题,虽然医院事属联邦卫生部但是现在吃亏的还是人民 -沙巴州的子民。沙巴州政府是不应该袖手旁观的,所谓城门失火殃及池鱼也。



Friday, September 24, 2010

Is this the begining of the end of MCA? Will the new in-fighting trigger another round of civil war again?

"MCA" car plates: Tee Keat shows proof
by Husna Yusop
for details , refer http://www.thesundaily.com/article.cfm?id=52179 

What are the main agenda in MCA today?
Whta's going on in MCA?
Why is this happening?

It looks like the forthcoming party election has something to do with this incident.

Now, whoever is right is not the centre of the interest, the main issue that is concerned most is that Kong should in a 'selfish' way protecting the name of Ong if there were wrong doings. Ong,  who was after all, a former or immediate-past President of MCA and his immediate-past Minister of Transport or his predecessor; what are the motives behind Kong's somewhat brave integrity and courageous disclosure of this matter which is definitely going to be bad publicity for both Ong as well as MCA as a whole.

The BN, or MCA, badly need to recover from the 308 Tsunami, and also the terrible party crisis and EGM after EGM in the last 2 years, and people especially the Chinese Community has become really fed up with the disunity and dirts exposed during the 'civil war' within MCA.

Now, after the 328 party EGM to re-election, the new team now led by Chua should be going full steam ahead catching the lost time in order to face the challenge - the next General Election which should fall in not later than March, 2013. But, instead, a new smoke now comes up months ahead of the forthcoming party election which should start in March, 2011.

Kong had lost his Deputy President battle against Liow TL in the last EGM, and was immediately appointed Secretary by Chua, and subsequently appointed as Transport Minister. In his immediate reporting for work in the ministry, he announced that the investigation for the PKFZ is not to be continued, and has caused some rows and disappointments in the country.

Now Ong said he had proof that he had rescinded the order or request for MCA number plates; and now it's the Kong's turn to reply. So, who's the liar? Has Kong blow the wrong whistle? What's next?

If I remember quite well, sometimes during October 2008 and March 2010; Chua and Tee were also alleged by fellow comrade in the party that they had committed wrong doing in a hospital land deal in Johor, and the case was quietly faded away without much impact after a while.

Any way, I hope MCA leaders know what they are doing as the party can not afford another mud-slinging, mutual-slandering any more, as the influence and strength in those PR states becoming ever stronger as the days gone by.

Already, the general public impression of MCA leaders has been negative, and a lot of the people has given up hope of relying on the party to champion their rights and benefits.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are local BN parties at par with their Semenanjung counterparts, and, should Sabah BN has different set of protocol to follow?

I wonder if the position of a local BN party is truly at par with the national BN party. I refer to the Daily Express report today:- 


If the statement of PM Najib has been taken heed, or respected, by the respective and relevant BN component party, then this statement of 'advice' or 'appeal' in the open should not have been raised in the newspaper; instead it should be appropriately presented in the follow-up BN internal discussions and meetings, maybe more appropriately at the BN national level now.


Why do you need a Youth Head of Sabah BN to do this if there's already sincerity within the Sabah BN or BN to resolve the crisis amicably and peacefully?


The action of the Sabah BN Youth is also seen as protocol-wise not appropriate since they could simply write in to the BN office seeking for the clarifications or conveying their views within the BN discussion of the subject, instead of telling the whole world.


It's also interesting to know if the view of this so-called Sabah BN Youth Chief included the view of the LDP Youth too? Had the Sabah BN Youth held any meeting in deriving this stand?


There shall be some basic respect with regard to this matter. Datuk VK Liew, the Party Chief of LDP,  by right should be talking to PM Najib who is the National BN Chief on any BN matters, and the Youth Head seems to have ignorant on this basic manner. Even if he has to raise the matter, it can only be done internally within the BN channel, and no others.


It's high time that Sabah BN observes the basic protocol as the Sabah BN has many of its components who are locally based, and the membership of these respective leaders are of the national status level. So they are both respectable locally, and nationally, and should be respected accordingly within the BN hierarchy.


Nevertheless, 'ketuanan' attitude must not be prevail in Sabah soil; and Sabah BN must unite at all levels regardless of rank and file if they want to ward off the oncoming Tsunami of the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in Sabah soon.

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沙巴人就是太相信西马同胞,以为沙巴人的心声及权益会在‘大哥’们的照顾下完全受到处理和贯彻,而维护州利益的20条款亦应该是 稳凤不动的。殊不知,有人失职。沙巴人不断地在问:这些西马来的政党是否真正的会为我们忠诚的服务呢?

冰冻三尺非一日之寒,要使新一代的沙巴政治团体等对马华,民政,国大党等完全信服还得等上好多年的真诚服务.就以中央医院今天的‘处境’来看就能知道为什么本地人不相信西马来西亚的政党了。其他令人不满或疏忽的类似例子的,比比皆是, 如交通部之多样措施活政策之对沙巴所造成的不公不利都未曾给与纠正,而和基建工程的缓慢完成更是有目共睹的事实。总之,馨竹难书矣。

当然 ,与加之罪,何患无证呢?



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Sunday, August 29, 2010

From overhead bridges to quality medical service in Kota Kinabalu, or Sabah

I'm amazed by a statement from MIC Sabah that the state currently has RM3 Billion reserve; but why is it that we don't have money to build the long-awaited overhead bridges all overKK. 

For example, 4 overhead bridges must be built from Centre Point to Asia City, Sinsuran, Api-Api, and WaterFront.

Overhead bridges should also be built at the Queen Elizabeth hospital junction at Jalan Penampang, between the Inland revenue building and the EPF, Alam Mesra shophouse to 1Borneo complex, Kompleks Karamunsing to Polis Karamunsing Station, Bangunan Tun Fuad etc.............

People safety must be placed at the highest priority especially against the existing poorer medical services in Kota Kinabalu due to the sudden incident of present tower block be declared unsafe to use. If someone admitted to hospital, how well can we cope? how good are we in providing a resonable level of services? 

My personal experience is that we are far from the expected low quality bracket of the awards, and services.

Question now is how to regain the reputation of Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH)? 

If we were able to make QEH the hospital of choice, Sabah is not far from the medi-tourism, and shall attract more visitors, and second home owners, and various other resources including successful businessmen, talents and genius.

It all boils down to good governance, and our politicians have a lot to catch up.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Open Letter To Prime Minister - from Green Surf

Your words in public are about listening to the rakyat (people) and hearing their views. A sizeable portion of the rakyat of Sabah has been doing everything within their power to be heard by you. To no avail.
by Cynthia Ong Gaik Suan

Dear Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak,

I write to you as a deeply concerned and saddened citizen of Malaysia.
For most of the 45 years of my life, I have been proud to be Malaysian. Recently, I have become heartbroken to be Malaysian.

I am profoundly grateful to write this with the support of both my local communities in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo and California, USA, and a larger world community. 

That said, I take full ownership of and sole responsibility for the views articulated in this letter; I express them from my stand as a mother, an earth citizen and a leader.

I founded and led a public charity and non profit organisation both in Malaysia and in the US, to bridge between worlds and build partnerships for ecological conservation. 

I have been at the front lines of the founding and mobilisation of Green SURF (Sabah Unite to RePower the Future), the civil society movement opposing the construction of the 300 megawatt coal-fired power plant in Lahad Datu, Sabah, on the edge of the Coral Triangle, one of three of the world’s most bio-diverse ecosystems.

You know. You signed the 6-nation declaration between Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Solomon Islands to collectively protect this 1.6 billion acres of ocean. You also know of course of your pledge at Copenhagen to reduce carbon emission intensity by up to 40 per cent by 2020.

You likely also know that the plant will displace fishing communities who have been there for a long time — irreparably contaminating their livelihoods forever. And if you listened, you would also know that they do not want the “development” that your government is imposing on them.

One of the priorities of Green SURF was to study clean energy alternatives to the coal-plant, and propose them to the government.
We collectively invested tremendous time and resources to identify and commission the expertise of Professor Daniel Kammen at Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory of University of California, Berkeley to conduct the Clean Energy Options for Sabah report. We had no notion of the outcome of the study, and results showed that Sabah is in an exceptional position to shift towards clean energy due to the availability of natural resources.

We are in fact in an opportune position to lead the nation and the region in clean energy — the kind of leadership the world so urgently needs now.

I wonder if you know that Sabah is the last coal power-free frontier of Borneo. FYI, the 5 core NGOs in Green SURF are amongst the largest, oldest and most recognized conservation groups in Sabah and Malaysia — collectively responsible for most of the conservation work in the nation, with partnerships that span the world.

We have tried every avenue available to communicate to you the results of our findings and to engage in discussion about the future of energy for Sabah.  After months of unsuccessful attempts to meet with you, I can only conclude that you do not want to meet with us.
This confuses and disturbs me. Your words in public are about listening to the rakyat (people) and hearing their views. A sizeable portion of the rakyat of Sabah has been doing everything within their power to be heard by you. To no avail.

We have given you the benefit of the doubt that word is not getting to you, and yet we have met with those around you who promised they would convey our message to you. Many months, memos, reports, letters, faxes, emails and phone calls later, and we have not received a single response from you or any member of your administration.

We also did our best at state level government, and have huge support from within the government but ultimately the message is that this is untouchable because “ini Najib mau” (Najib wants this).

Sir, my most consistent experience of your administration is stone walls, arrogance and insincerity. I am shocked by the behavior of the leadership of my nation.  I find it patronising, archaic, oppressive, blatantly and self-righteously elitist and top-down. 
I do not experience your administration as democratic, transparent, open, accountable or responsible. There is a deep incongruence between what you are projecting externally and what we have experienced internally.

I can only surmise that you intentionally run your administration in this manner. Otherwise, it would mean that your leadership is incompetent and ineffective.

I am angry, and I am not willing to accept systemic disempowerment of our people. I am writing this open letter as a last resort. Sabahans are speaking up because we are deeply troubled and scared about the fate of our ecological and cultural legacy, and what we will be able to hand down to our future generations.

Please show true leadership and listen. You and your administration have much to do to regain a modicum of respect amongst many Sabahans.

If 1 Malaysia is more than a PR campaign and is truly intended “to provide a free and open forum to discuss the things that matter deeply to us as a Nation”, please walk your talk.

Yours sincerely, for the children,

Cynthia Clare Ong Gaik Suan.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Whose words should be trusted?

Now that Penampang District Office (DO) disclosed that they were hand-tied, and without proper and appropriate resources, in this case, the needed trucks and other related items then how can we expect him or the council to perform? But, has he, or didn't he, report the problems they are, or were, facing all these days or years to the respective higher authority? 

The higher authority should be the Ministry of Local Government which is headed by Datuk Hajiji who is a strong member of UMNO. 

The council was reported to have a strong reserve of RM28 Million in the form of fixed Deposit way back in 2008; they shouldn't have the financial problem to start with, then what's their problem? It can only be incompetency if the finance is strong in the first place. What else?

Another interesting topic arisen from the news is that whose words the public should trust, the honourable YB or the Chief Mechanic?

Two versions of saying, and they have successfully confused the public. I'm referring to the council response today of refuting what had said publicly by YB Edward Khoo yesterday that the council had misled the rate-payers.

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把人民如此区分和过去的西方殖民 主义又有何分别呢?不是大开时代的倒车吗?





Saturday, August 14, 2010

对马华总会长‘ 华人经济大会诉求'读后感




由’一个马来西亚‘的概念 的引荐至今,似乎是’土著主权运动‘的声音还比首相的影响还大。’土著主权运动‘的所以‘声赫远播’,曾经被我国誉为’发展之父‘的敦马’居功‘不小矣。






700,000 (七十万)已经移民国外的华人不会是今天才有及产生,搞不好,可能在不久的将来会引发更大的移民潮。


如果整个国家还是兜 在这个死泥潭(种族零和)挣扎的话,我看不出这个大会能起什么样的作用。



Sunday, August 8, 2010

My view on 'more seats for Sabah MCA'

Bernama / 8-August-2010

The request for more seats is reasonable, and fair.

It has been long overdue as what Chua had said that MCA is already 20 years old in Sabah, and it was then one of the loyal BN components in Sabah, before and after, the toppling of the then PBS government. Its contribution for the BN regaining the power in Sabah can not be denied and taken for granted.

However, MCA must first resolve all the many, long accumulated, and overdue issues in Sabah in order to be convincing that it deserves the seat.

The woes or problems are, most notably and namely - the medical services and the transportation services. These woes are required to be handled in greatest urgency politically before the next general election, if I may say so.

Both portfolios are under its cares - Datuk Liow Tiong Lai and Kong Cho Ha for health and transport respectively.

Apart from these two important posts in the federal government, MCA also has other important cabinet posts that have been affecting the livelihood of Sabahan to some extent, that is, the Ministry of Tourism headed by Datuk Dr. Ng Yen Yen, and she should be able to help tremendously for Sabah's long term economy.

There are other portfolios which MCA have been assigned in the federal government are Minister of Local Government and Housing, Deputy Education Minister, Deputy Finance Minister, Deputy Youth & Sports Minister, Deputy Women & Social Welfare Minister, and Deputy Home Minister respectively.

If MCA is really serious in helping the Sabah people, or vice versa, the various mentioned MCA men in the government can undoubtedly be very helpful.

But, its significance role in the government at the federal level has not been felt much here, and MCA should find out the reasons for its 'dismal' performance, and also of the negative public perception of its role in Sabah.

Is it the leadership problems, or lack of working funds?

The answer is likely to be the MCA leadership problem - from the central all the way down to the state, and the divisional levels.

Perhaps the new style of high-profile (politic) publicity emphasized by the leadership can help in elevating the image of the party somewhat among the people at large. Nevertheless, the MCA candidates are still subjected to the people scrutiny considering that most urbanites are mostly very educated and well informed on various issues and topics.

MCA must earn its respect in Sabah by truly contributing, and people will appreciate it if it's done. The MCA leadership in Sabah needs a lot of fundamental change, or transformation, in meeting the new challenges ahead in Sabah; especially with the new emphasis of high-profile politic as championed by Datuk Dr. Chua Soi Lek, the President of MCA.

By the way, the attitude at the central must also change too. The circumstances in Sabah is different from the Semenanjung. The leaders of MCA at the central must read well the 20-point, the historical document which is one of the key basis of the formation of Malaysia, before they understand the real political implications they have to face in Sabah.

Sabah MCA has been practicing the low-profile, quiet politic in the last 20 years. It's high time to change but not without the needed changes in its leadership's quality and performance. New technology and methodology, and young professionals, must be brought in to support the high-profile politic, without which, it would be disastrous for Sabah MCA.

It should also show the people of Sabah of its long-term commitment in Sabah by having its own MCA building in Sabah, just like what UMNO and Gerakan did.

MCA thus have a lot to do to catch up in Sabah now that if MCA is serious about the seat allocation request.

The likely seat that the BN in Sabah has to allocate is likely to be from the quota of one of the existing UMNO seats, or those currently held by SAPP.

Finally, Sincerity is the key to success for the future of MCA in Sabah.

The ball is now with MCA itself, and not MUSA or Sabah BN.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

4t round for Chua Soi Lek in 2011?

New published in OCDN / 8-8-2010 referred.

The news clip carry this message, in a gist as follows:-
President Chua reminds MCA members to refrain from the continuous infighting which now causes negative public confidence in the party that MCA will eventually have to face the consequence of closing its shop.

Good in infighting but poor in fighting against outside opponents will destroy the party. Don't let 1 or 2 persons or a small group to cause splits within the party, and it's not right for a member to do so, and that MCA can not afford to have this problem/burden any more.

Having factions in the party will not be positive in gaining confidence from the public, nor would the party gain supports from others within the BN.

He singled out the Ulu Selangor by-election as a good example where Chinese votes obtained by BN was much less than the total MCA's members in the area that indicates MCA members were even voted against the BN.

He praised the little Perlis State MCA for its commendable unity despite little conflicts among its local members there. He said that the local leadership can adopt, and following, closely the party agenda to defuse the sabotage attempts by the various small infighting group.

My view is:-
MCA has been plaguing by infighting. Unity is now the highest priority in MCA's agenda. President Chua, during a speech addressing to the members in Perlis MCA, reminds members to refrain from the continuous infighting, and that the same advice too for other states; has indicated the seriousness of him in the attempt to resolve conflicts within the party, and of the reformation of MCA before the next party election, which is scheduled in early 2011.

The invisible and 'cold infighting' among the three main factions in MCA, namely the Ong Ka Ting's, Ong Tee Keat's, and the Chua Soil Lek's, has been ongoing but mainly under surface.

Who are actually the one to cause the damages, or sabotage the party reformation, and making instability in the party?

It remains to be seen, as each side is seen pointing fingers at each others internally.

Perhaps, MCA needs another round of election to really settle the prevalent issue of who the main ruler of MCA is.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sabahan gave up their rights voluntarily over the years

The gist of the news:-
The lost of some of the 20-points rights such as religion and language, was largely due to our own doing in previous years through our voluntarily given up the rights, and he said that we deserve it because we gave them up ourselves.

He said Sarawak used to follow us politically but now any more now as they are more developed and better off than Sabah. On who agreed first on 5% oil royalty, he said that he's not sure but he disclosed that he knew Tun Maustapha asked for 30%, then after Berjaya came to power Tun Fuad asked for 20%, and after the 66 air crash disaster, it was then said to have been agreed to 5%. Who was the witness of the signing of agreement for 5% oil royalty needless for him to disclose he said.

He said the agreement was inked, and nothing much Sabahan can do now even if they could overthrown the BN government; he said, unless we could get two third majority in parliament, and he thinks, people know what to do comes next general election.

Federal kept saying to Tun Mustapha in those day that they (federal) had no money to build the new airport in KK and new RTM building for Sabah; so Sabahan had to come up with own money which at the time was largely derived from timber export.

In those days, Sabahan was recognized as 'timber King' when in KL, but now viewed as coming to 'beg' for projects without giving respect to the dignity of Sabahan, whenever West Malaysian heard of Sabahan coming to semenanjung.

He said it's very unfair that Sabah has no shares in Petronas and Sabah stands to lose forever once oil runs out in Sabah.

He advised some of the local politicians not to criticizing the presence of 'illegals' too much now if they want their votes in coming election since they are now already citizens and have become voters.

He also advised local politicians to be a Sabahan politician and not gaining their votes racially, citing his attitude as 'he loves Malaysia, but he loves Sabah more'.

He blamed the inroad of UMNO to Sabah in the 90s was largely due to PBS failed to honour an agreement with the then USNO; it was meant to teach PBS a lesson.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Speedy approval from federal government will help the Sabah people most

The Tamparuli-Ranau road is an important road stretch linking Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan & Tawau in the east coast of Sabah.

Its economical value to the people of Sabah is simply difficult to quantify but based on layman observation, it's simply a critical part of the road link between the west and the east coast of Sabah.

The invisible loss due to the cave-in can not be assessed but believed to be fairly substantial; however, the by-pass road is no match to the main road quality which has been causing some delays and discomforts to the road users.

Sabah has the highest poverty rate, a good road will reduce their costs of doing business and daily life; the prompt action of the authority, in this case, the federal government, will have significant effect on the people of Sabah.

RM600,000 was reported to be needed for the repairing, and I hope that the PM Najib, who is also the Finance Minister, will without hesitation, sign the approval for its immediate repair.

People of Sabah will no doubt appreciate the efficiency and good attitude from the good administration of the country in return.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

YB Edward Khoo has finally done the right thing but must continue consistently without fears or favours

This is the YB that we wanted for a long time, a people representative to deal with the poor administration of the district council through which people's lives are affected directly.

One question arises as to what has been happening with the performance of those District Councilors appointed, in which MCA has three (3) representatives.

It's common knowledge that some District Councilors were very questionable in their integrity that government enforcement units should keep an eye on them.

I hope that YB Edward Khoo will continue with the search for the truth with more follow-ups, and set the matter straight transparently without any compromise, as this type of cases are reported to be rampant, and out of control.

Some district councilors who are vocals, and insisting on strict penalty on faulters, were reported to have been threatened with harm by some public whose interests were at stake due to the enforcement attempts by the council.

YB Edward, you've done the right thing but making sure that you continue with more follow-ups, without fears or favours, in discharging your duty and responsibility. Keep it up, YB!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The implications of the Kudat Mazu statue case

"Offer For Relocation Of Mazu Statue Still Stands: Musa Aman"
Bernama / July 27, 2010 17:24 PM


The statue project was approved by the authority in the first place, then a reverse decision was issued on the ground of protest on religious reason that it's too near the mosque which is a few kilometers away when the statue project was already halfway done.

This shows that the authority led by the present leadership of the government was incompetent that it should have had gone through all the necessary standard procedures before a project permit was granted to the Mazu project committee.

The good gesture to offer an alternative site with costs to construct the mazu statue should be viewed as a 'waste', if not abusive, of public fund and power (or authority), technically speaking. BN's image had been gravely tarnished and the damages to the alliance simply could not be assessed, and known.

The effect of the episode will only be fully known perhaps until the results of the coming general election.

The 'abandoned' Mazu status project and its progress is not only known locally but also had widely been informing to the millions of mazu followers nationally and internationally. Would the Mazu case causes any implications on local or foreign trade investments, and international good will, remains to be seen.

One thing very important coming out of this incident was that it had exposed the true colour of some of the Chinese-based BN political parties, locally or west Malaysia-based, all of which were having their own 'surprise if not selfish' agenda and couldn't really work for the benefits of the Chinese community that they have been claiming to safeguarding of the community's rights, especially the constitutional rights.

YBs should not incur unnecessary cost to their own people unfairly

Our elected representative (YB) in Sabah Should help the people in reducing the cost of doing business by finding ways to reduce all unnecessary costings. Sabah people have already been suffering from higher cost of living due to many unfair factors, and our elected YBs should have mercy to help fighting for more subsidy rather than involving themselves in making a quick cut in the businesses of their people.

They should not be involving in some 'businesses' using their position that will incur extra cost to people.

It's a criminal offense if they are caught. Besides, it's immoral and lack of integrity if they do.

The old days of involving themselves as middleman making a fast buck is over if they are considering themselves progressive. They should live humbly nowadays.

For example, some industries, especially the fishing industries, in the east coast of Sabah relying on subsidized diesel for industrial use will be mostly affected with additional burden to the consumers if some kind of monopoly, or conspiracy, is introduced to the industry concerned.

This is against the government's initiative in transforming the government within the 1Malaysia campaign.

People will revenge if they (YBs) compete with their own people with unfair means. This is bad public relation if they do.

What's the link between DAP power struggle, Pakatan dinner, and the presence of a prominent MCA member?

News published in Daily Express / 27-July-2010

Power struggle in a political organization is considered normal but what's really amazing is the story 'linked' to the presence of MCA prominent member, Datuk John Khoo (J. P.), an elder brother of Datuk Edward Khoo Keok Hai, Assistant Minister of the Chief Minister of Sabah, in a Pakatan dinner organized by DAP where big shots like Lim Kit Siong was also present to grace the function.

But, what's the above news got to do with the presence of Datuk John Khoo (J.P.) who is a member of MCA and an elder brother of Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister, Datuk Edward Khoo Keok Hai, in a DAP organized 'Pakatan' dinner?

Does it mean that Datuk John Khoo is interested in DAP, and was there to know more of DAP, or what?

Datuk John Khoo must have got the consent from the family (or the party he belongs now) before he attended the function, maybe for a reason only known to himself, the family, and the organization he is associated with.

If he were there to 'spy', then he must be the most blatant one sent by BN. Will he eventually join DAP? Will he be a champion for the opposition or as an 'under-cover' for BN, only in the last minute of the general election will we know the truth.

Meanwhile, perhaps, a clarification from both Datuk Edward Khoo and Datuk John Khoo will be more appropriate to clear the speculation.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What worry me if Sabah state under new administration?

I'm worry about the competency of our future leaders in managing the state. He/she has to be well educated, knowledgeable, experience, and progressive; some one like the Lee Kuan Yew's quality. They must be of high integrity and patriotic toward the region. We don't want to see the state turned into chaos after the election without proper line-up of leaders to manage the state. We can't afford to have another disappointment again, and we really can't afford it any more. No more administration under green hone, and inexperience hand.

PBS had its chance in 1985-1994 but failed miserably with its appalling performance and Ketuanan Kadazan. Disunity caused by Selfishness, overly self-confidence, and arrogance was the lesson learned for PBS. What a pity for the KDM and the people of Sabah then.

Now that Sabah political scenario has changed tremendously and if regionalism has its way largely due to BN's failure to address the regional sentiment and their own incompetency, Sabahan must be prepared to manage the state all by itself as semenanjung might be split into many parts after that.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lack of confidence is now a virus spreading fast through the air.

This government friend of mine, who is seeking simple dental service, really made me more convinced that the federal government with its health ministry must work aggressively now to regain their confidence in Public Health Services in Sabah, especially Kota Kinabalu, that they simply said that they have no confidence.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital can be a turning point for the Federal Medical Services in Sabah if the government really gets on with the re-construction program with bold decision.

Lack of confidence is now a virus spreading fast through the air.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


亚洲/ 18-07 / 2010

诗华/ 14-6-2010







Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prime Minister Datuk Najib should pay a visit to our Queen Elizabeth Hospital when he's due here soon

PM is schedule to visit KK again within these few days, and this time, he should pay a short and unexpected visit to the old block of QEH to see for himself how the FD of BN ended up.

He's been talking about 1Malaysia, and this one will prove him louder and creditable if he comes and cares for the people of Sabah. I also wonder if Datin Rosmah has paid a visit to the hospital.

Why our local politicians dare not tell or show our fellow leaders in federal the truth of Sabah?

The truth is that a lot of Sabahan are waiting for their turns to get operated. It's unbearable to hear them 'crying' for the services they badly needed.

As Finance Minister and PM, PM Najib is the perfect person for us to seek for help, and I hope that we don't wait for YB Hiew to resign only then we will get the positive development that we want to see.

The reconstruction works of QEH has yet to take off due to certain technical hiccup again, I guess.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Post-term courtesy visit to Dr. Yusuf, Pengarah of Jabatan Kesihatan Sabah

Post-term courtesy visit to Dr. Yusuf, Pengarah of Jabatan Kesihatan Sabah, was accomplished successfully at the 3rd floor of Wisma Persekutuan in Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu, this morning.

Dr. Yusuf was briefed on the latest development of the Ahli Lembaga Pelawat Hospital (ALPH) of Queen Elizabeth hospital, notably on the problems associated with the appointments, and the performance of the committee members.

The Director agreed that more NGOs and female are appointed to extend the influence of the ALPH to reflect the main objective of the organization as 'the bridge between the community and the hospital'. The Director also urged to look into stepping up the interaction between the hospital management and the ALPH. Dr. Yusuf also wished that new teams of ALPH for all the districts in Sabah can be appointed sooner in order to move forward with all the planned activities.

The ALPH of QEH proposed that the state JKN to set up a special centralized complaint unit for the state to handle all the medical complaint calls with a toll-free line where the individual callers will be handled by professionally trained personnels.

The reconstruction of QEH complex was discussed and agreed that it should be sped up for strategic consideration in terms of meeting up the expectation of the public as well as to pave the way for attracting and retaining talents to the hospital. The reconstruction also regarded as a basic foundation and turning point for regaining the public confidence in QEH.

The meeting lasted 1 hour, and ALPH appreciated the time taken for the short exchange of views on the hospital affairs, and looking forward to see more ALPH in the state to work cordially and efficiently with the hospital management in the year forward.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The myth of allegation of the PKR (people development office) office neglecting the plight of Roslinah

This is the news that I read this morning might clarify the myth of allegation of the PKR (people development office) office neglecting the plight of Roslinah long before it's 'exposed' by Kapitan Peter Chong Ching Hang about a week ago.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Why people keep saying that MCA is wrong in supporting the legalization of Sports Betting?

In fact, MCA had done nothing wrong on this matter. It's actually the opposition that had done something wrong. The whole thing had been twisted beyond recognition. Well done, the opposition, on twisting the truth.

It all started with the opposition saying that BN or MCA supports gambling.

What BN and MCA was trying to introduce to the people was to legalize the sports betting in order to firstly stamping out all the illegal sports betting, and secondly allowing government to tax the activity.

It's amazing that the opposition in this case simply protecting the illegal sports betting by not supporting the government's noble effort.

This is very unfortunate for the country as the opposition had misused their influence and 'power' by 'supporting' the illegal activity.

Even more regrettable was that quite a lot of MCA leaders sang the same tune as the opposition of anti-gambling and not anti-illegal sports gambling.

This thing happened because they still had the grudges with them over the 28-March-2010 party re-election.

The openly-split stand on the matter had undoubtedly embarrassed the leadership thereby helping the opposition won the 'battle'.

This matter was then immediately, and also subsequently used by Chinese-based opposition party to capitalize on the discrediting of MCA, the 2nd largest component party of BN.

The opposition has to make sure that the Chinese remain opposing (or hate) the BN in order to continue their aim of overthrowing the BN government in the next general election. Therefore, any incidents or issues that can help in the preservation of the change movement (or discredit of BN) are to be manipulated and capitalized.

BN should not have last minute opted out of the legalization of sports betting as this is a clear sign of its weakness of flip-flopping its decision and policies that is seen as bad management, and handling too.

BN should learn the bloody lesson from this that in future it should carefully study any matter properly, and presenting a viable solution that is convincing and well thought of.

BN must work harder to regain the confidence of the public.

The recent incident should serve as an indication of people of their trust on the government.