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今天东马人还要付西马人都不必付的所谓运输费就能买到理想的汽车了 。东西马怎么会不有分别呢?




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Friday, November 12, 2010

How I wish PM was warded in Queen Elizabeth Hospital?

How I wish PM was warded in Queen Elizabeth Hospital so that he'd have personal experience in understanding our dilapidated condition better?

By providing up to standard medical cares to the society at a competitive cost is one of the top priorities of the government. But, how long can the government sustain the huge costs involved every year with the present rate of fees at a meager RM1 & RM5 per visit respectively?

We pay less and we should expect to get less, it's the rule, therefore, it's important that we must have a clean and efficient government in the first place that fund allocated are fully used in the services.

People must also start to pay more at public hospitals or clinics in order to relieve the government burden but at the same time government must also help people to earn more to reduce the government's subsidies on various welfares rendered to the public.

The real answer still lies with money or fund, that is how good the government in handling the economy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How I feel about high income economy?

by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Putrajaya, Malaysia
Prime Minister of Malaysia
1981 - 2003

The above link from former PM Tun Mahathir is referred.

Surely the government has the answer on how much would be enough for each individual in order to pay for all their necessary living costs, and therefore should be able to come out with the minimum income figure so that every employers must pay at least the minimum amount say for a clerk as example.

The authority should also have  figures for other categories of workers in the country, some sorts of guidebook or guideline for remuneration.

The government should therefore act now with the minimum income policy instead of seeing workers staging strike or demonstration.
How long can the government or the country afford on the human resource drains?

The success of the high income policy lies with its implementation which is most crucial in its entire cycle.

There seems even more serious problems ahead than just losing our people to other countries; it is the unemployable human resources that we really should be worrying now, and the education department must really be fully revamped quickly.

I hope we will not end up with high salary but zero purchasing power just because of our human resources are 'molded' to be of low quality and productivity.