Friday, April 30, 2010

Good governance will ease brain drains and split of Malaysian

Dean: New Doctors Must Do Compulsory Service Before Working Abroad

The suggested imposition requiring newly-minted doctors from public university to work abroad immediately after graduation is acceptable if it was a part of their prior conditions of acceptance.

If not, they should be free to work anywhere they like.

The 'exodus' of these new 'doctors' should be viewed seriously as it means, apart from the obvious gap in salary in other country, the majority problems could have been lack of proper training environment, and most importantly, fair & consistent mechanism to recognize outstanding performers based solely on '1Malaysia' principle and spirit.

The Hospital Queen Elizabeth in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is a good case study where the working environment in terms of working space, efficiency, and facilities has been 'blamed' as the main problem in attracting, or retaining, more medical personnel to the hospital.

The MOH or the Government must look at all angles to address the problems of brain drains especially on why there is an imbalance of Chinese or Indian Malaysian working in the public sector where it's currently dominated by so-called bumiputra.

The government should waive the outdated policy, of dividing of its people by a mere bumiputra and non-bumiputra criteria, for the sake of 1Malaysia.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

the relationship between Perkasa and Barisan Nasional (or UMNO) must be clarified as soon as possible

Quit, 'immoral' friend: Perkasa boss tells MCA boss
(from Free Malaysia Today)

Who's YB Ibrahim Ali?

Why is he treated 'special' within the 'fold' of BN or UMNO?

Is he an UMNO member, UMNO sympathizer or supporter?

What's Perkasa relationship with UMNO, or BN?

Is Perkasa an associate of UMNO, or BN?

The involvement of Perkasa in BN is quite 'significant' during the Ulu Selangor by-poll, according to what Ibrahim Ali said in this interview.

The impression is that Perkasa was seen doing things that were deem not appropriate for UMNO to do, or carry out. So, is it right to say that Perkasa is an unofficial vehicle for UMNO? Is Perkasa 'designed' or portrayed as 'right winger' in UMNO/BN to avoid direct clashes with PM Najib's '1Malaysia' initiatives?

BN must take a stand whether to allow outsiders like Perkasa to meddle, or 'involve', in the internal affairs of BN.

It's very unfair for BN's components, or partners, that an outsider like Perkasa is allowed 'freely' moving around inside and outside the BN, and bossing around too.

UMNO, being the 'dominant' partner in BN, must quickly declare that they have nothing to do with Perkasa, otherwise, it will cause dismay among the BN component partners like especially MCA.

BN is in the midst of rebuilding its strength after 8-March-2008 general election, and it's especially more so for MCA; it therefore can't afford to have any unnecessary conflicts within itself.

The seemingly active 'involvement' of Perkasa in the BN fold has been undesirable, and counterproductive.

In conclusion, the relationship between Perkasa and Barisan Nasional (or UMNO) must be clarified as soon as possible.

Monday, April 26, 2010



在沙巴,亚庇中央医院(Queen Elizabeth Hospital)的问题,在‘千呼万唤始断断续续出炉’的解决方案,一直未能满足人民的需要和期望。主要是处理问题及事情没有那种‘紧迫性’与及太慢了。






Saturday, April 17, 2010

光是纳吉改革觉悟,够吗?Will it work if only Najib alone change?


Change I will, says PM


纳吉必须确保占人口45%和坐拥政治大权的马来族群能够‘通窍’明白他们的衷心和澈底的改变才是整个国家将来迈向成功的关 键。



Friday, April 16, 2010

Will Sabahan able to move up the ladder of higher income by 2015?

Of course, Sabahan can move up the ladder of higher income if all the basic infrastructures promised over the years by the respective governments are fulfilled without further delay.

I feel like crying when I saw the above headline published in today's Daily Express.

I'm almost speechless after reading the news report as the announcement, and its implementation, is 20 years overdue.

I'm actually angry with the government for not seeing the lights during all these years.

However, it's still not too late.

Higher income will ease brain drain, or resources drains, question is how to achieve it?

Today, our country is losing talents or professionals to our neighbours such as Singapore because of the big income gap; now not only that, we are losing the low-level workers such as plantation workers too.

We have to nib it at the bud before it's too late as every bodies are fleeing for a greener pastures elsewhere.

Due to the developments, we need more retain workforces in all the industries and businesses, especially the plantation and the tourism industry.

We need more skilled workers in the ICT too.

We need to attract good peoples to work or live here, regardless of their origins.

The 1Malaysia fits the requirement, but would it succeed?

The public confidence has been going low with the sporadic negative comments from some BN's higher ranking officers lately though.

Today, ICT is considered the foundation and the locomotive for higher income where more revenues can be earned by making the industries and businesses more productive and efficient.
But, a body to really spearheading the ICT application efforts in the government and the society is still very much lacking, or none at all. There's simply no concerted efforts or leadership on this important future infrastructure at all.

Had we adopted the ICT in larger scale in those early years, we'd have produced not only one 'Bill Gate' but many 'Bill Gates' if given the right environment to develop.

Our economy could have been 100 times, or more, than today's market size if ICT and modern technology were deployed early.

If, and only if, that our government, knows what they are doing, and stick to it, else, we may have to see all the expectations in our dreams only.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

DPM remarks on NEM,GTP is uncalled for

DPM soothes Malay fears over GTP,NEM
By Boo Su-Lyn

It's not true that the 'Malay children continued to lag behind other races in terms of education'.

Haven't you seen that almost all the staffs in universities and schools are already predominantly bumiputra, especially from the race of 'Malay'?

Further more, almost all the government department staffs are also dominated by bumiputra, especially from the 'Malay'?

The DPM in trying to 'alleviate'' and sooth' the mainly 'Malay' bumiputra is unnecessay as the NEM, and the GTP has already taken care of all these 'fears' and possible issues.

He should not be persuading, or explaining, to the 'Malay' by keep on propagating the wrong perception, and worst, twisting the fact.

In the endeavour of NEM and GTP, it's not just one or two community groups has to make sacrifices, but the whole national community. Therefore, don't paint a picture that only the largest group suffering for the benefits of the smaller minority groups.

Are we 1family?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010











看样子,联邦政府又做了一个对不起国家和沙巴人民的事了- 保安失职。




Tuesday, April 13, 2010


当初以为联邦的解决方案可以一劳永逸的解决伊丽沙白女皇医院(或称中央医院,或QueenElizabeth Hospital (QEH));奈何政府的‘效率’不能‘尽如人意’啊。




为了解决州内的医疗问题,其实外面已经有人正在积极的期望蔡细历能重掌卫生部。 这个希望有可能吗?












BTN(BIRO TATA NEGERA)第一堂课,可就应该教他们这一个国家的背景事实了。














Sunday, April 11, 2010















也希望一个马来西亚是真如我们所要和期盼的 - 一个公平的社会。




据本人所知,像这样类似的国阵会议并不多见,尤其是座落在州首府亚庇的国政亚庇-亚庇(BN Api-Api)听说根本就没开过会。真的要对沙巴国阵来届的‘安危’担心啊。




Friday, April 9, 2010






(亚洲时报/ 10-Apr-2010)




一个是 否能被人民拥戴的政府或政党应该是一个能把‘公 众的利益’永远置于‘本身利益’之上者。

人民的信 赖是非常重要的政治资产。


Thursday, April 8, 2010


新受委任沙巴州联委会主席丘克海应该为沙巴马华成立一个‘能与党中央合作的团队’之外,也应该同时打造‘党中央积极要与沙巴马华充份配合的沙巴团队’,来 为沙巴人民提供理想的政治服务.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm proud to be a Chinese-Malaysian, and nothing more!

Najib: I am proud to be Malay but I can still relate to others
By TEH ENG HOCK (e-mail:

Well, for me, I'm a Chinese but I'm proud to be a Malaysian. I'm born a Chinese-Malaysian, and I'll die a Chinese-Malaysian; unless my country doesn't want me.

I can relate to others only if the country and its administrator treat me equally, without discrimination and disrespect in all fields of the society.

I accept with open-heart the plurality of our society - multi-racial and multi-religion, and vow to build a new Malaysia together with all the ethnicity.

I'll share my culture values and systems to any ethnicity without reservation as I believe in sharing and exchange for the betterment of our society, a new Malaysia culture or 1Malaysia culture will be deemed 'perfect'.

I want to help the needy groups regardless of their ethnicity, and I only see them as another human being, and not their colours or descendant.

I don't see them (other races) as a threat to me or my 'group', rather I see them as my fellow Malaysian who should be living or growing up equally, deserving mutual help from one another, and as Malaysian, we only responsible to Malaysia, nothing but Malaysia.

For those Malaysian who have strong sense of its origin, I respect wholeheartedly their eagerness to keep their 'belongings' without reservation as it's the right thing to do to preserve its root and identity. But, there should not be any favoritism, or causing anxiety, among all the other Malaysian at the expense of the ethnics as it had happened numerous times in the history since independence.

The time has now arrived that we have to make sure that favouritism meant to help the disadvantageous is not being abused by some unscrupulous quarters to advance masses of benefits at the country's wealth, resources, and our 'misfortunes'.

The arrival of 1Malaysia, and its derivative - the New Economic Model (NEM), is designed to overcome the shortfalls of the old system of New Economic Policy (NEP) started in 1970.

The 1Malaysia in its true sense should not harbour the doctrine of 'Master-Slave' or 'ketuanan something' as there shouldn't be anyone borne to be master of some Malaysian in the first place, but merely as an ordinary Malaysian who might one day rise to the top to lead.

But all these honours and respects must be earned through proper steps as they must show to me that they are just like me, has to work harder appropriately and not through the special privileges or handicaps accorded to them dating back to the early years of independence which is 53 years ago!

It's really funny that just when I was about to have forgotten my root and origin, and is in the midst of assimilating into the 1Malaysia, some of my fellow Malaysian could not wait to remind me of my origin and showing their non-acceptance of my status; why?

Friday, April 2, 2010


许国伟 / 4月1日/ 晚上 10点18分




在即将宣布其工作团队的关键时刻,希望他会勇往直前为应该做 的事而无悸的去做,不要犹疑不决,犹其是针对沙巴州马华的短及长期问题, 它现在的病期,若要评定,已经算是进入第四期了。




Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is the re-appointment of Datuk Edward Khoo as State Chief going to be a 'make-or-break' decision by Dr. Chua for Sabah MCA?

New Party Appointment On April 7?

By Alan Ting / Bernama

The Sabah MCA has been under-performing over the last 11 years under Datuk Edward Khoo's leadership.

If he were to be re-appointed as the State Liaison Chairman again, the outlook for Sabah MCA shall be gloomy unless there shall be dramatic change in the leadership style and transformation.

In addition to that, there should be heavy aids from MCA Central in terms of political supports in lobbying for state's governmental posts and positions in Sabah.

The MCA central also has to finance the costs of operations in the divisions on a regular basis like the UMNO Sabah who has been well look after since its entry into the state some 19 years ago.

Another setback for MCA Sabah so far is that the relationship of Sabah MCA with top leaders of BN components in Sabah has been quietly reported to be not up to good level, and the component parties in Sabah has virtually labelled Sabah MCA as 'irrelevant'.

Will Datuk Edward Khoo changed his style of leadership and administration of the state MCA once re-appointed?

Will the grassroots welcome him as the state liaison chief again after all these years of grievances and 'dis-satisfactory' performance?

In conclusion, the new appointment is significant, and is a 'make-or-break' decision by Dr. Chua for Sabah MCA and the MCA as a whole?