Thursday, May 13, 2010


有人说‘吃猪肉能团结华人, 有华人的地方就有猪肉吃!吃猪肉者等于华人’。

人 根本是两麻子事。


= 马来文化一样。

+ 马来文化+卡达山文化+其他少数民族的文化=马来西亚文化才对呀。







Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is it legal to have two (2) Deputy Chairmen in State Liaison Line-up?

The Star Online / Thursday May 6, 2010
Title: Two deputy chairmen for Sabah MCA

Question: Is it legal to have two (2) Deputy Chairmen in State Liaison Line-up?
Answer: No, it's illegal.
(refer to page 22 onwards of Party Constitution at

You can't simply appoint another Deputy Chairman with a lame excuse like shouldering the increasing workload.

If the appointment of additional Deputy Chairman were legal, then we could have more committee members, more Vice Chairmen, etc..

This is an outrageous act of total disregard of the party constitution, or the law.

In the first place, the State Chairman has the power to appoint up to twenty (20) committee members. The reason to appoint additional Deputy chairman is simply laughable, naive, and near ignorant of the party constitution by the State Liaison Committee, led by the State Liaison Chairman who was earlier appointed by the President of the party.

Should someone reports this irregularity to the Registrar of Society, the party may have to answer to queries from the authority, and worse that could happen is that the party will be suspended, or struck out of registration as a result of dissatisfaction by the authority.

The State Chairman should simply, or rightly, appoint all the necessary positions with people of his desired, free from fear or favour. Those, who are not
being appointed to any position, might as well to sit in the committee and perform their deeds as committee members.

Why deliberately create the illegal position just to 'please' the other faction, or with the motive of 'diluting' the importance, or power, of that position by sharing, or splitting, the power?

The leadership must quickly call a EGM to amend the constitution in order to legalize this sort of appointment.

By the way, on the Boards that set up, the committee has not tackle the medical issues of Sabah head-on by at least having a Board dedicated for Health Services. Being the State-appointed minister to oversee the medical affairs in Sabah, Datuk Edward Khoo should have set up a vehicle, or team, to look at the various issues concerning the Sabah people's health, especially the medical service problems have been reaching critical situation most of the time.

The State Chairman has, so far, not briefed Sabah people the progress and the status of the health services in Sabah, in particular of the Queen Elizabeth hospital, ever since the crisis of QEH began in November, 2009. A special team, or a Board, should help him out in handling the matter. But, unfortunately, it's still not justifiable enough to call for a second Deputy Chairman.

Anyway, my congratulation to all appointees, I wish you all the bests, even though you have only one (1) year and a half to go.

Bearing in mind that people are watching you guys closely for performance.

Remember that MCA owes Sabah people the medical services they deserve for years. We should have had the courage to apologise for the short delivery during our times here in Sabah since 1991.

So, I beg you, please don't let them down again.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The emergence of new Malay race in Sabah

Sabah used to have 30 plus different ethnic races, and hardly any Malay during the independence day in 1963.

But with the efforts of government and islamic influence, quite a number of local ethnic groups, either they were muslim originally or those converted, are slowly, and gradually, claiming themselves as 'Malay'; perhaps in line with the trend of the nation building, and the strong influence of the Malay presence in Semenanjung, and most importantly, the extension of UMNO in Sabah since 1994.

The news attached is the proof of the UMNO leaders claiming to woo more Malay voters to the constituency of Sepanggar.

If going by logic, these Malay in Sabah should be rightly called Bajau Malay, Suluk Malay, Ilanun Malay, Dusun Malay, Brunei Malay etc...Now they all call themselves simply as 'Malay'.

What puzzling me is that why specifically wooing the Malay, and not other bumiputra of other ethnic groups who are not muslim to the constituency?

Maybe, they rather prefer to be officially grouped as Malay for many reasons.