Friday, May 29, 2009

Sabah Must Tell TNB What Sabah Really Wanted

I read with doubts on the sincerity of Leo Moggie on the coal-fired power plant issue which had been plaguing Sabah over the last 2 years.

To build or not to build (a coal-fired power plant), that’s the question.

TNB should have had a master plan for Sabah’s electricity needs, for now and the foreseeable future. But, I simply doubt it. Even if the plan ever existed, I wonder if this master plan had ever been a result of consultation with the local Malaysian in Sabah in the first place. Judging from the rare protests on the issue, from east to west coast, it shows that Malaysian in Sabah had ‘never’ been properly consulted on the issue of electricity needs nor the real situations discussed.

TNB is simply ‘arrogant’ in its handling of the issue by repeatedly ‘threatening’ Malaysian in Sabah that if coal-fired power plant is not built now, crisis will be escalated to the point of more hardships for Malaysian in Sabah. The arrogance could be tolerated if they have been doing their part well. The frequent power cut throughout the state, especially in the east coast, is a norm of the day.

Malaysian in Sabah is no doubt can not afford to wait too long for the greener electricity to be delivered, however, it shouldn’t be difficult for TNB to decide on using gas or hydro as the main source for the power generation.

However, TNB may have other difficulties which may be confidential to be openly discussed.

Malaysian in Sabah wants the electricity badly while maintaining the environment ‘untouched’. We want green and sustainable energy sources. Environment is our top priority. Conserving the environment is important and critical to our survival.

TNB should listen to the local people for the way they want for their electricity supply, and not spending time to argue and quarrel with the consumers on how they generate the energy using coal. The local people have the right to determine how their electricity comes from.

Malaysian in Sabah should have the final say in what type of energy and the subsequent environment they should be getting; situation is like those insisting on genuinely ‘Organic’ label in the organic food arena where the end product must meet certain stringent rules of the organic food industries.

TNB should consider returning SESB back to the state government if they can not comply with the people wishes – that is adopting green energy sources.

It’s also high time that the state government review its relationship with the federal government on the energy issue by perhaps setting up a committee overseeing the entire needs of energy sources in the state so as to avoid similar dilemma ever happened again.

Isn’t it having a special committee monitoring the performance of our federal counterparts as part of the implementation of KPI (Key Performance Index)?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1Education for 1Malaysian

1Education for 1Malaysia is still far away from us.

The above impression can be derived from the recent response of DPM on the status of Chinese education in the country. The Chinese Educationist emphasized on the matter of government recognizing certificate issued by the Chinese independent Middle school as well as equal financial assistance to the Chinese schools.

DPM cited reason for not recognizing mainly because the Chinese Independent School does not comply with the government’s education policy.

The fact is that the Chinese community has always not been in full agreement with the government’s education policy all along despite represented by mainly MCA and Gerakan in the so-called coalition of Barisan Nasional (BN). It's the inability of MCA or Gerakan or the lot over a number of the rights that costed them dearly in the last general election.

The common complaint is that the government should have done a lot more, and be more sincere, sympathetic towards the struggle of Chinese education; on the contrary, the Chinese schools should be strongly supported with official recognition too. The Chinese Malaysian especially the yonger generation simply do not accept the government education policy. The situation is like having a coach pulled by two horses in different direction.

Simply put, the Government and the people are not in good term on this issue.

It’s common knowledge that the Chinese educationist has been turning out thousands of quality graduates over the years and had therefore contributed a lot for the country as well as our neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

Why can’t our government recognize these graduates and the achievements of the educationists? Aren't they deserve some appreciation from the government for the efforts? Is our education policy and administration being overly politicized or polarized?

A compromise from both the government and the public on the issue of education is important especially for the Chinese independent Middle school system that has been proven to be one of the successful and established institution in Malaysia. It’s to the benefit of Malaysian that the Chinese independent Middle school system be evolutionary merged with the national education policy if the country is to move forward to the advance state as envisaged in 1Malaysia.

1Education must be an education policy based on the needs of the various communities, and not by a few overly ambitious politicians or civil servants based on their own agenda. Community educational needs must be respected, honoured, and helped by the government of the day. It’s the duty and responsibility of the government to cater for the needs of all the different races and creeds of the society.

There shouldn't be naivety thinking that 1Education is to be based on 1 type of culture and language only. Instead, it should be based on the reality of Malaysia that is multi-racial, cultures, and languages. Perhaps, the Education Minister should visit Sabah more often to see how 1Malaysia should be like. In Sabah, all the residents are are Sabahan, everyone just like brothers and sisters; something West Malaysian had lost forever since the day of independence.

1Education for 1Malaysian has to be based on equality, respect, and mutual acceptance, and nothing else.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MCA Can Only Blame Itself, What else?

It doesn't really matter now.

Who ever appointed at their respective positions must start to deliver now.

For affairs in the Chinese community, the Chinese should approach Peter Pang of LDP.

For Mazu issues and its progress on the government-sponsored statue in Bak Bak, Kudat; Yee Moh Chai & team must deliver them within a year.

For medical services, Rosnah is the one who should be held responsible and ensure that Sabahan are taken care of as they should after years of neglect.

For infrastructure, Pairin must work hard to catch up where Raymond left off - a legacy of poor roads, drains, unreliable electricity supply, water resources, and controversial coal-fired power plant.

For transportation issues, we have Bakri of UMNO Kudat, a Deputy Minister of Transport, to take care of all the affairs of transportation in Sabah & Sarawak.

For Local Government & Housing at the federal level, we have Lajim working closely with Hajiji, the State Minister of Local Government & Housing.

PBRS President Tan Sri Joseph Kurup who is a Deputy Natural Resources and Environment Minister must now make sure that environment in Sabah is maintained and improved especially on the badly-needed drainage system in the urban areas such as Putatan, Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau, Lahad Datu etc.. His role is relevant and gravely important to the Eco-Tourism that sabah banking on for the future generation ahead.

For LDP, its president Datuk Liew Vui Keong, who is now a Deputy Minister in Prime Minister's Department should be able to influence directly any issues concerning Sabah even though he may be just a Deputy Minister.

For Chinese education, perhaps the Chinese community still need Edward Khoo for MCA has a Deputy Education Minister, Datuk Dr. Wee Ka Siong. This is the last frontier of MCA Sabah.

MCA Sabah has gradually losing its luster as being the “main” bridge linking the federal and the state of Sabah. Its power base is no longer as attractive like it used to be before the era of Najib. The sudden emergence of Gerakan in Sabah, with the entry of Raymond Tan to its fold, has put more salt onto MCA’s wound. Its existence has further driving away the dependency of MCA in the state.

The in-fighting between the top leaders may have been the main reason for the outcome of MCA Sabah today as the party may not be enjoying the respect that it enjoyed during the Ong Ka Ting’s rule.

The federal comrades of MCA ministers and Deputy Ministers must bear the blame where a number of local issues were not handled appropriately, notably, the hospital QE, Transportation woes, and the citizenship & IC of Madam Yong in Penampang just eight months ago.

Dato Cho of MCA Kedah, paid dearly the price by losing his party election last October but has been miraculously re-appointed as the Deputy Home Minister in the Najib's cabinet, had not handled the Madam Yong's IC case properly; however, the matter finally was settled by UPKO, a local KadazanDusun party led by Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, who was then a Minister in the Prime Minister Department.

It's really an embarrassing moment for MCA Sabah. The local leaders of MCA were helpless in many local issues, and could only offered lip service instead. Othercriticisms on the local MCA leaders were lackadaisical, passive, less vocal; and changes therefore should be done immediately if MCA Sabah wants to be relevant again.

The morale of MCA Sabah is now at its lowest since 1991.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


No one should underestimate the feelings of the Matzu devotees on the on-going tussles between Chong Kah Kiat and Musa Aman.

Based on information extracted and interpreted from news published in local newspapers, it looks like a case of abuse of power, or negligence, or incompetence on the part of the State Government. It’s because the permit to build the statue was granted by the authority in the first place and, also from the same authority that the project was abruptly stopped with a strange circumstances and unconvincing explanation. The project was asked to stop when it was almost near its completion - with only the granite stone statue yet to be assembled and erected in place.

It was also disclosed by Chong earlier that it all started with his crash with Musa, the CM and Finance Minister back in 2007, over the Sipadan Island redevelopment where a certain project was awarded to someone known to CM without going through his ministry; and it’s only become known to public when the contractor, due to inexperience in handling eco-tourism works, bluntly caused an international rouse that saw damages to coral and marine life nakedly shown in the internet which had caused embarrassment to the country, and especially to Prime Minister Datuk Ahmad Badawi. Chong refused to bear the blunt for something not committed by himself.

Musa had not been getting the Matzu case off his shoulder ever since, and it looks like Chong has been in good control of the case. Musa, on the other hand, had been asking other BN components to come to his rescue that saw a number of enthusiastic helpers including Yee Moh Chai, Yong Tet Lee, or their respective related assistants or officials rushed in to support a so-called “all religious group” dialogue and resolved to support Musa decision on the relocation proposal of Kudat Matzu statue. They were virtually trying to gain benefits at the expenses of Chong’s misfortune.

Chong paid heftily by resignation without hesitation over his discord with Musa. His resignation was not sympathized by others including his BN colleagues and especially PM who said that Chong’s resignation will not affect BN etc….

Now that Musa Government is generous on the approval of 7.5 acres of state land in Pak Pak beach, 6KM from Kudat town, to The federation of Hainam Association in Labuan & Sabah. It’s common view that this is a show of political muscle in order to discredit Chong. Some even said that this is a despicable tactic of controlling “the Chinese by Chinese” via the PBS group co-led by Yee. Government also approved the building of a Matzu statue at the same site approved.The president of The federation of Hainam Association in Labuan & Sabah is headed by John Lim Yu Chen, Political Secretary to Yee Moh Chai.

In view of the generosity, it maybe good idea for other devotees throughout Sabah to apply similarly Matju Statues at major seaside towns, with government financial helps of course.

Perhaps the localities for erecting the statue could be in Kota Kinabalu, Papar, Kuala Penyu, Sipitang, Sandakan, Lahad Datu, Tawau, and finally Labuan. Prime consideration criteria to qualify for similar helps from government should be on the seaside towns.

What about Pagodas or any other statues that could attract tourists and of religious significance?

Thursday, May 7, 2009


沙巴人民應該大力支持沙巴馬華州聯委會主席拿督丘克海作為沙巴副首席部長的最合理人選, 理由如下:-

1. 拿督丘克海是沙巴州馬華唯一的州議員,其工作能力毋庸置疑,一直以來都與華社有密切的親和力,互動,與聯繫.
2. 馬華已經在沙巴州服務了18年,為沙巴州的民生政治,尤其是華社事務及政治鬥爭,貢獻良多,有目共睹.
3. 馬華作為國陣全國中央政府第二大的伙伴,擁有4個聯邦正部長及7個聯邦副部長. 如能配合本州的4個聯邦正部長及5個聯邦副部長的优勢,勢必加速,鞏固,及提昇服務民眾的政治橋樑,對人民及華社服務素質的改進及功效,尤其重要.




Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From YB Raymond New Home To New Cabinet Appointments

YB Raymond Tan and YB Au Kam Wah finally announced joining Gerakan.

Raymond told the press that he'd found a proper home for his followers and himself. He cited that many parties had been offering "shelter" but eventually he preferred Gerakan where he feels much “comfortable”, unlike some parties such as the Sabah MCA and LDP which had not been “friendly” to him.

It's all started with the incredible bond between him (Raymond) and the CM that the latter went all out to keep him from being pushed out (marginalized) by other components in the BN. Intense internal rivalry among all the components in the BN is not uncommon phenomenon.

The centre of the argument started with the issue of true representation of the Chinese Community in the Sabah BN where Raymond had not been an active (or hardly known) politician with the Chinese community was doubted as the appropriate leader for the purpose.

This irked every body in the BN especially LDP and MCA respectively.

He was appointed as DCM (for the Chinese "quota") because he was the highest echelon leader available of the then SAPP which enjoyed enormous supports from the Chinese Community.

Yong Tet Lee, the popular Chinese leader and the President of SAPP, had just finished his 5 years political “prison” sentence, was again left out of the race during the last general election. It was noted that Yong was somehow “barred” from the active politic role due to certain forces in the Sabah BN.

Otherwise we could have seen Yong to become the rightful DCM instead of Raymond, and of course he needs pre-blessing from the CM of the day in order to achieve this.

The pull out of SAPP on September 17, 2008 was the turning point where State Assembly Members from SAPP, Raymond and Au, chose to stay party-less but pro-BN.

Despite all the rumours and speculations, Raymond continued enjoy undivided supports from CM and kept his DCM and Works Minister portfolio for almost 8 months.

Now that he’d found a home in BN, Raymond should now do the honourable thing by resigning immediately all his cabinet posts, the DCM & Work Minister posts respectively in order for CM to re-arrange his cabinet as necessary.

It's a matter of procedure and a respect of procedure, discipline, integrity, and professionalism. This is because he should also be seen respecting his own new party by doing so.

He should not worry that the CM won’t appoint him any portfolio as he must have the skills that CM can hardly do without by judging on the record in the last 8 months.

Perhaps CM could consider the following appointments that should make every body happy and united:-

  1. YB Raymond remains as Work Minister;
  2. YB Edward Khoo from MCA promoted as DCM and a Finance Minister post;
  3. YB Teo of LDP as Deputy Finance Minister

I think it's high time that CM concentrates on the central role of leading the state by going more frequently to the grass root levels that he may not have times to look after all the affairs (People First, Performance Now!); the delegation of the financial portfolio to MCA is most appropriate as MCA is the second largest components of BN in federal level and has been contributing a lot in the BN ruling in Sabah since 1994.

With the introduction of 1Malaysia, I think the “racial quota” on the DCM posts in the Sabah state cabinet line up may deem to be meaningless or unnecessary if we truly want to implement the 1Malaysia concept from the new PM seriously.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

MCA An Option For Raymond?

"MCA An Option For Raymond?"

The above message is the title of the news as published in the inner page of Borneo Post in Kota Kinabalu today.

As MCA member, I think he is welcomed to join us provided he resigns as DCM and Work Minister first and applying with humbleness. He shouldn't demand for privilege as far as position in the party.

MCA is still a respectable organization, and the way he conducted himself so far is not impressive at all. He shouldn’t think highly of himself, and based on his failure in setting up of his original party, one can tell how strong and competence he is politically.

MCA Sabah had been struggling for almost 17 years now; it doesn't matter if we have to wait for a few more years for another breakthrough. Our party president has been championing high morality in politic and the so-called crossover of Tan with the so-called political power is definitely not appropriate and undesirable.

We don't want to take a leader just because he's the one favoured only by the CM. This tantamount to CM's interference with the internal affairs of its fellow BN component. He’ll definitely answerable to the CM only, and not us. Do we, MCA Sabah, want a leader of “puppet”?

We want a leader respected by both CM and his/her own party.

Any way, the latest news is that he (Raymond) is likely accepted by Gerakan. Nevertheless, as a BN component party, MCA should suggest to the CM that Raymond be removed as DCM as well as Work Minister in order to display his (CM) fairness and justice to other fellow components.

The appointment of cabinet ministers is the prerogative of the CM but if seen not fairly practiced, he’ll have to face the undesirable consequences later.

Help Workers To Attain Higher Income? Are You Sure?

2009/05/03 NST
Workers must power new economy, says PM
KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak wants workers to power a new economic model that will take the country to high-income status.

He said details of the economic model would be drawn up by an economic council to be set up for the purpose.

Najib said council members would comprise experts from Malaysia and abroad and provide input on how the nation could improve its economic position from the current high middle-income level to high-income level.

Najib was speaking after delivering his Workers Day message at the 2009 national Workers Day gathering in Bukit Jalil here.

The prime minister said the increase in workers' output should not be merely through increased productivity but also via innovation and creativity.

I have to say that the above remarks from PM is encouraging and a morale-uplifting to the workers in the country, unfortunately, it may be years and a little bit of luck, before the workers see the dream comes true.

First & foremost, the economic model itself is a chemical reaction of politic, delivery system, and integrity.

Our land has been plagued by corruption at virtually all levels.

While no one should deny that most of the economical activities of the country come from government spending. The employers should normally pass the deserving benefits to the employees, provided they are not “squeezed” to the level that they have no choice but to “squeeze” the employees.

The result of the corruption is usually seen in sub-standard finishing of government projects where the good investments of the nation ended in a drain after only few years of use. Unfortunately, for all these blunders, no one has yet been identified, and accounted for in the failure – this type of work culture must change!

In a nut shell, the workers are being “exploited” in order to make the employers survived and “profitable”. It’s therefore that the government must pay their staff well with KPI, and hopefully control the corruption level.

The lesser the malpractices in the economy, the better it is for the contractors and theirs workers who would be paid handsomely well.

The government can monitor the job market and the employers to ensure that workers are paid well within the law. The passing of the worker’s minimum wage/income law shall be a good point to start, otherwise, workers will be forever “under-paid” and becoming the sacrifice of the economy.

The Malaysian workers are also under the "unfair" competition from foreigners imported, legally and illegally, by local syndicate. Their income is indirectly affected by this government policy of allowing unregulated imports and controls.

MACC must be active in watching the source of the corruption problem, and the source happens to be in the government itself. Great political will in harnessing corruption must be asserted if they want to keep the workforce local and happy. The PM, as the head of the government, must set a good example in this agenda.

Good Governance is the key and the rests like the employers and employees, are just doors.

The government should be the one to lead the nation with the so-called “Innovation & Creativity” and if they fail, nothing else would survive.

Imagine The New Malaysia

I'm referring to the news in NST today:-
Najib's walkabout at Kadazan do

I hope his "openness" can truly spread and practiced by all.

I think he's leading the nation by showing an example to his team and the people that this is the way to unite and lead the nation. Well, to me, this is a very good move and example, however, it has to be consistent.

I'd like to take the song of John Lennon as a motivation for Najib - "Imagine there's no heaven......Imagine there's no hell..It's easy if ...Imagine all the people living life in peace....the world (Malaysia) will be as one".

Unfortunately, some of the older generation citizens are no longer live to see this in their time, I hope that Najib can deliver and transform the nation to an Ideal Malaysia of mine, and for others who had been disappointed with the BN in the past 52 years.

Let's give him 100 days before we mark his performance with a Performance Index.