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DAP is not only aiming to become the replacement for MCA & Gerakan  but also the local Chinese/EM non-muslim Native-based parties in Sabah & Sarawak, namely PBS, UPKO, LDP, SAPP, PBRS, SUPP, SNAP, STAR..etc in the coming election.

People are pushing DAP higher than they ever had but will they able to sustain and convince the opposition parties to rally behind them, remains the crucial question. DAP must take note that in Sabah & Sarawak, the people in the region have the unfinished matter to settle first, that is the fulfillment of the 1963 Malaysia Agreement, and the subsequent woes going with it.

DAP, being West Malaysia-based, has disadvantageous to champion for the East Malaysian on this long overdue critical issue which currently BN government is now feverishly trying to resolve.

Misunderstanding and lack of knowledge of the true history of East Malaysian states in Malaysia is the main problem facing all the West Malaysian notably political parties from there.





Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dinner with The President of MCA

The state delegates were treated with a dinner by the president of MCA, Datuk Sri Chua Soi Lek, at Ocean Seafood Restaurant, in Kota Kinabalu, just two hours ago, prior to the state AGM which is scheduled tomorrow. In his advice to the dele
gates, he said that he just wanted one thing from the members of MCA, that is Party Unity, in order for the party to win in all the constituencies it represents. Party in-fighting would erode public supports, and definitely bad for all in the party, whether one is in the mainstream or not, he said. He said, DAP is a party for tainted leaders to recycle themselves as whoever supports the DAP are now no more bad leaders once become their allies, and interestingly, these recycled leaders were previously highly condemned by them. He said MCA is always in disadvantageous as it doesn't know how to hoodwinked the public. 

— at Ocean Seafood Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu

Friday, August 10, 2012

What happened to the latest Mahatir's statement on citizenship issuance in Sabah?

Everybody are not happy with Tun Mahatir's statement, why?
It's the way citizenships were granted in those years of bad federal-state relationship.The centre of the issue is the great number of 'other races' emerged in the sabahan population in the short span of 20 years, and is now haunting the government as more and more original natives in Sabah realize their detrimental situation, and the pains now they have to face. these new race of Sabah under 'Other Race' are also categorised under the 'Bumiputra' status which gives them the privilege like the original natives in the land. Their feelings of anger of being betrayed is beyond description.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is it high time to consider Regional Autonomy in Sabah?

What Jeffrey said is quite true but of course there are some reservations. I can only treat the history of Sabah as a series of  tragedies and misfortunes all these years. We can blame these and that, but still not getting out of our misery, unless we really redefine our aims and direction, and start acting on it now.

Has Sabahan become more united now, or still very much in the feudal struggles amongst ourselves? This is the most important question to be answered first. There are too many leaders around claiming the paramount leadership of Sabah , but will there be one?

The difference in regional developments has indeed made the regional autonomy more justifiable than ever after 49 years of federation. There ought to be some progress on the way this region is to be governed, and since the people are more educated, and exposed, it's therefore logical to let loose.

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如果我們駕車做一個環游沙巴的旅行,看到那密密麻麻的棕油樹就不難看出當初問題是如何的產生,那是純粹商業人力資源的大量需要,過後當問題沒有及時處理和問題開始惡化后, 再手足無策下,加上還有其他的種種政治因素,就。。。。。沒錯,沙巴人力資源匱乏,棕油園需要大量的便宜勞工,外勞就是最好的答案了。

Saturday, May 19, 2012

When an outsider is getting over your head?

well, I must say I'm quite disappointed with some of the outsiders who are now behave as if they are the rightful natives of Sabah. I was even questioned back on my ancestor's origin when speaking up on Sabah's woes. What he didn't know is that he, another so-called Chinese Sarawakian (maybe a SINO Sarawakian), thinks he knows everything in Sabah, and harassing me as if I'm not a local. Isn't it very funny that you are being bullied in your own land by the outsiders?

The locals are indeed very weak in Sabah in terms of ability to learn (except some), but being a local, be them Chinese origin by blood or not, will sympathize the situation with more helps rather than taking advantages off their fellow Sabahan. 

Sabahan must unite, and only a united Sabah will be respected, it's a fact of life as accordance to the law out there.

You say Yes, I say No

Dr Chua wants MCA reps to be more vocal in Parliament, state assembly


Yes, the elected YBs should, and must, speak up for what they have been doing in their jobs and roles, and in particular, on the woes of the people regardless if the matters concerning their higher ups, comrades or not, and BN or MCA. There's a hidden fear amongst all the elected YBs, or ministers, that they fear of losing their benefits and futures by being blunt and bold, so they choose the smarter way of keeping mum on the higher ups, and place the people as second place. Having said that, some local MCA members in Sabah who have been highlighting the various woes of the people in Sabah is reported to have received negative remarks from the supporters of certain ministers from the party. It may be coincident that these supporters of the Sabah MCA are not originally Sabahan and therefore may not be able to understand the strong feelings of the locals over certain issues affecting the state . People are now generally more knowledgeable about politic, and even very much aware of the inner workings of political and governmental systems, therefore it's high time that these politicians who have the chances to serve the people to adapt and perform with their bests as the 2nd chances of being re-appointed is likely to be very slim, based on past records.

Sunday, April 8, 2012



1. 加緊監督民聯州屬的管理失責,並非常專業的向公衆發佈及轉達于民聯州政府。

2. 不要和行動黨做無謂的爭嘈。對事不對黨。不做人身攻擊。不歪曲事實。不搞小動作。

3. 沒有必要的或者如果無令華社焦急關注的課題,不隨便發文告。

4. 每一個州的馬華聯委會,其宣傳部門必須要收集當地的事件加以分析和做出迅速的回應。

5. 根据州的情況在每一州實行不一樣的行動和策略。

6. 針對馬華各部長們的部門,逐州加以檢討其部門在各州的表現,如有失責或表現失當,應該即刻盲羊補牢糾正之。

7. 鼓勵報憂不報喜,不姑息養奸的文化。 

8. 巫統少講關於華社的事物,走得越遠越好。

9. 讓馬華全權處理華社的事。

10. 巫統全力配合馬華或其他囯陣成員黨的默契與合作 。

Friday, March 30, 2012



他的退黨其實是於事無補的,它無形中也在替那些旨在黨内拿好處不做事的部長們提供更大的方便 - 就是不需再面對他的繼續投訴刁難的轟炸了。



不管是誰最終在朝, 問題相信還是大同小異,那就是,佔絕大多數的馬

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Parking fees or no parking fees at hospital car parks?

The car parking at the hospital's parking lots should be chargeable with due consideration on fairness and reality.

The health authority (or the government) should work out an appropriate policy on this matter via the help of Parking Management experts from DBKK/JKR/NGOs.

One of the ways to relieve the pressure of car parking requirement is to work closely with the public transporter to serve the visitors in the hospital by minimising their need to bring their vehicles along.

All the authority need is determination to solve the problem. The public is eagerly waiting for their actions.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012





拿督廖年初二宣佈的沙巴衛生40億的發展計劃 - 州政府及關心沙巴衛生事務的政治工作者必須隨時警惕各項事物的發展,萬勿鬆懈失職。州政府和其所謂人的‘州衛生事務負責人’不需要等到年尾才核查進展進度,應該是每一季度(3個月),查詢一下,並向人民作出例常彙報,那樣才算稱職。

醫院巡委會的委員是衛生部長委任的,目前的受委委員是100%執政政黨的黨員 (囯陣的黨員),因此其中立性是絕對不會或很難有的,故在委任巡委會委員時應該盡量委任那些和執政集團無利益關係的人士為上。



講到1Care,有人敢說有了它,就能解決政府支付龐大醫療費用的困境嗎?就能交出人民夢寐以求的醫療水準嗎?管理現在的醫院就已經是問題多多了,再來個保險管理 (或再來個外包協議),執行起來可以勝任嗎?到時又將會出現醫生种族化,多種的壟斷等等的出現。因此,1Care是好獻議但未必完全適合我國的現有體系。我國必須順序漸進的去改革現有的體系而不是看到國外人家怎麽做就照抄不誤。

1Care 又將會對沙巴的子民造成什麽樣的衝擊呢?


1Care計劃的推行將更加證明政府已經在福利醫療的時日將會終結。如果政府還有雄厚的錢活資金的話,何須如此對待人民呢?有哪一個政府是不想繼續得讓其人民快樂無憂生活上的負擔呢?更何況是全免費的醫療保健方面呢?那些將被逼付10% 的能力稍好的公民又將如何去填補本來還可以儲蓄或作爲孩子教育用途的錢呢?政府應該要三思而後行啊! 

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 如果您打分的話,您會打多少分呢?(注:5 分爲滿分)。