Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is it high time to consider Regional Autonomy in Sabah?

What Jeffrey said is quite true but of course there are some reservations. I can only treat the history of Sabah as a series of  tragedies and misfortunes all these years. We can blame these and that, but still not getting out of our misery, unless we really redefine our aims and direction, and start acting on it now.

Has Sabahan become more united now, or still very much in the feudal struggles amongst ourselves? This is the most important question to be answered first. There are too many leaders around claiming the paramount leadership of Sabah , but will there be one?

The difference in regional developments has indeed made the regional autonomy more justifiable than ever after 49 years of federation. There ought to be some progress on the way this region is to be governed, and since the people are more educated, and exposed, it's therefore logical to let loose.

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