Friday, March 30, 2012



他的退黨其實是於事無補的,它無形中也在替那些旨在黨内拿好處不做事的部長們提供更大的方便 - 就是不需再面對他的繼續投訴刁難的轟炸了。



不管是誰最終在朝, 問題相信還是大同小異,那就是,佔絕大多數的馬

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Parking fees or no parking fees at hospital car parks?

The car parking at the hospital's parking lots should be chargeable with due consideration on fairness and reality.

The health authority (or the government) should work out an appropriate policy on this matter via the help of Parking Management experts from DBKK/JKR/NGOs.

One of the ways to relieve the pressure of car parking requirement is to work closely with the public transporter to serve the visitors in the hospital by minimising their need to bring their vehicles along.

All the authority need is determination to solve the problem. The public is eagerly waiting for their actions.