Sunday, March 29, 2009

Teachers cum Politicians?

I read with disbelief of what is reported in The New Strait Times today that teachers are to be allowed to take part in politic. (

The idea was introduced during a speech in the recent UMNO General Assembly by Datuk Seri Hishammuddin, the Education Minister and newly elected UMNO Vice President.National Union of the Teaching Profession secretary-general, Ms. Lok Yim Pheng follows suit by saying "It is a good idea to allow Group A teachers to take part in politics. These are people with lots of ideas."

She said, however, those in administrative positions should not be involved in politics
“experienced teachers could further help develop the country if they are allowed to participate in politics”.

The government should not accept this proposition as the idea, if implemented, is going against the basic principle of “The Three Pillars of Governance - Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary.”

The result of mixing politic and education is, in one word, “Mess.” They should also know that their advantage of being impartial is long lost as a result of joining the politic.

The teachers are civil servants, and should belong to the Executive arm of the government system. There will be conflict of interest in involving teachers in politic, besides, will they be allowed to join opposition parties?

If teachers are allowed the privilege, what about other civil servants like Police, Military personnel etc.?

Their involvement in politic, if given, will not only violate the regulations and rules, but also depriving our children to proper education due to distraction from the main task accordingly.

I’d suggest that, if they think they have the acumen, they should only consider joining active politic after they’ve left the service. You can’t have both at the same time as it’s obviously conflicting with each other.

The Education Minister should instead making sure that the current education system be completely revamped where these teachers’s “expertise” are really needed. He’d do us parents a big favour if he could care to go down to the field and see for himself the “mess” that these educationists been doing to the children, parents, family, and the society at large. Schooling is no more fun, it’s simply “torture”. Parents have been complaining for years but fallen on deaf ears. If you asked the parents, 9 out of 10 are the silent complainants on the education topic.

If history can be manipulated, twisted by dishonest historians, then it’s not a matter of having history class or subject introduced in the primary school, but simply is a matter of getting the fact right and getting people to be righteous. They (UMNO) shouldn’t worry that the children do not know the history as most voters are mostly ignorant in history too.

Sabah People Expects UMNO Sabah To Deliver

Does the success of Sabah UMNO in the recent UMNO assembly bring new changes to Sabah?

It now lies with the capability and competency of the UMNO State Liaison office and its leaders, to deliver the wishes of Sabahan.

People expects performance, now that they are given responsible positions in the top leadership, they must be able to deliver what has expected of them.

The day of lame excuses for not able to deliver is over.

They should be united in their efforts to bring benefits to the people of Sabah. They should work closely with the existing BN components in Sabah, be they local or semenanjung-based. They are now the real bridge between Sabah & Semenanjung.

Being locals, they should know all the Sabahan's issues accordingly.

This is also the time that federal shows their sincerity in helping the Sabah people.

Will the dreadful situation of Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) be resolved quickly with the emergence of Sabah UMNO in the backbone of BN government?

Will the widely concerns of illegal immigrant issues be satisfactorily resolved now with greater political influence in the central government network?

Will the other pressing issues expediently solved before next general election?

Their shoulders become heavy with the new achievements in the UMNO assembly.

We can only hope that they'd be able to accomplish them all, otherwise, BN in Sabah would become irrelevant in the next election.

Friday, March 27, 2009

From UMNO To MCA Sabah

I'm intrigued by the remarks of YB Bung Moktar, the Kinabatangan member of Parliament, on the great performance of Sabah UMNO in the just concluded UMNO General Assembly.

"He said that while Sabah's performance in the 12th general election was important, equally crucial was the delegates' preference in wanting to see a balanced representation among the states."

The honourable YB Bung Moktar also said: "that all states were represented in the line-up and this would go a long way in restoring confidence in the party".

However, he had not mentioned that the UMNO Central Delegates from Sabah is the second highest in terms of numbers!

I'm referring to a news reported in Bernama 27-March-2009 where the outspoken YB from the east coast of Sabah, made the comment after their glorious success in Putra World Trade Centre. (

The achievements of Sabah UMNO are as follows:-

Datuk Shafie Apdal as Vice President, Datuk Rosnah as Putri UMNO Head, Datuk Musa Aman, Datuk Lajim Okin, and Datuk Bong Moktar as Central Committee Members.

Indeed, this is a healthy political development and trend for Sabah and Malaysia; I hope that the trend would be extended to other federal-based parties like MCA, MIC and Gerakan, not only for party influence regionally, but for the sake of national integration.

MCA in its last AGM had elected two (2) Central Committee Members from Sabah, which "rightfully" should have been three (3). It was. however, considered a "break through" for Sabah MCA, as the state had always been "given" only one seat (after some consensus understanding).

It has also been the majority wish of Sabah MCA to see greater, and significant, participation in the central leadership; the creation of a Vice President post solely for East Malaysian region will be a favourable, if not remarkable, reformation. The logic for the reformation is that a closer ties, and involvement, with the East Malaysian states, is the positive way to bring down all the barriers between the people of east and west Malaysia.

I feel that the current representation is just not enough and warrants a serious review by the top leaders if MCA sincerely wants to have influence in the politic of Sabah or Sarawak.

The MCA Central Delegates from Sabah, which stands at 125 at the moment, can be doubled, if more aggressive efforts from central leadership are forthcoming.

The golden opportunity is available now with SAPP being out of the BN, and that the Sabah MCA is the only Chinese Party on par with the strength of UMNO, provided MCA wants to be so. It's now up to the top MCA leaders whether they want the party to fill the vaccum in Sabah. It may be "now or never" for MCA Sabah.

We hope that the same achievement by Sabah UMNO can be "emulated" in the federal civil services that more Sabahan or East Malaysian are accepted like their counterparts in the political arena.

The ball is now with the federal leaders, especially so for the new UMNO leadership.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

No More Politicking With The State Hospital

I'm amazed at the level of awareness of our State YB on the actual situation of Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) that our Assistant Rural Development Minister Datuk Sairin Karno, YB for Keningau, said "the Kota Kinabalu hospital (QEH) management should look for a suitable site to build a new hospital, instead of buying yet another private hospital or an old building". YB also said that the Keningau District Hospital is still new and very well equipped for solving hospital-related problems in the city. He is also concerning about the millions of Ringgits that could be required for resolving the crisis.
(Please refer to the following URL for details of news report from Daily Express 22-March-2009,

Honestly, he was only slightly right and mostly "wrong" in his understanding of the situation, it's shocking and disappointing to hear from a people's representative so ignorance of a crucial and important matter albeit of the controversy surrounding it right now; I'd strongly suggest that the State Cabinet or State Assembly convene an emergency briefing to all State & Federal YBs on the pressing matter, considering that the QEH is a State hospital, i.e. it should be the best in the state and among the bests in the country.

It's not really a simple case as perceived by YB Sairin. It's bad enough for him to have "sleepless" nights if he ever been briefed on the situation.

It's already a "nightmare" to send patients between hospitals around Kota Kinabalu, what more if it is between Kota Kinabalu & Keningau, as it's common experience for most travelers of the danger of this route. If it's really not a problem to travel on the Kota Kinabalu-Keningau route as claimed by the honourable YB, then the building of the existing Keningau hospital may sound like a waste of public money; that the people of Keningau could have been using the QEH than having their own.

It certainly not funny for both patient and their relatives to be away from their home by being placed in Keningau hospital. There have been cases of next-of-kin and relatives of patients complaining of the inconveniences and stresses to travel on the relatively easier distance between Beaufort and Kota Kinabalu.

The Honourable YB should get down to the "field" to feel and see the reality before making himself look naive, perhaps he's innocent as he's probably never briefed in the assembly or through the cabinet.

The truth is that the QEH is in critical condition and time is insufficient to build a new one within a tolerable time frame. As time is critically important in the quest of saving life, the immediate availability of the SMC definitely a perfect solution to alleviate the situation.

The idea of acquiring the SMC, the only modern hospital available for sale in the area, may look "shameful" to the federal government or State Government, however, if the decision is adopted, may actually turn out to be the "saviour" of the federal government at the end.

There are wrong perceptions by most of the public, especially and regrettably some politicians either from BN or Pakatan Rakyat, that the QEH solution is either getting this building or that building; in actual fact, all the buildings like the Twin Tower Block, New Kinarut Hospital,SMC, Bukit Padang Mesra Hospital, New Heart Centre, or even the Penampang Hospital are all supposedly to be delivered "yesterday", some even as long as twenty years ago!

In other words, Sabah should be asking for all these facilities delivered now even if it's already late and long over-dued for years.

We need a hospital building like SMC anyway, if pricing is the main concern, then the government should engage a reputable or more than one professional valuers to carry out the task of valuation. It may be a refreshing idea that the oppositions engage their own professional valuers to have a "fair" comparison, instead of throwing doubts about the purchase. Nevertheless, the politicians should know their role and boundary well, and not trying to meddle in everything beyond their competency, and making themselves look funny.

There should have been, and should be, a thorough study of the needs at the existing QEH site where an integrated and complete solution should be appropriately designed, planned and implemented, in smooth and less-disrupted stages.

This time round, based on the past experience, we hope that our YBs are all working sincerely, diligently and dedicating their times by especially following up closely with the progress of our hospitals that are going to last for many years to come.

Monday, March 16, 2009

One Malaysian, One Malaysia?

Monday March 16, 2009

MCA backs Najib’s ‘One Malaysia’ concept

(refer to

KUALA LUMPUR: The MCA supports Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s “One Malaysia” concept in governing the country where policies made will benefit all Malaysians.

Its vice-president, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, said Najib had assured the people that fairness would be dealt out and decisions made by the Government would not favour any one group.

Malaysia must unite and work together with policies that look after the interests of all races,” Liow told a press conference at Cheras Leisure Mall here yesterday.


I read with great excitement about the "policy" that might be materialized when Najib takes over the helm from Ahmad Badawi Abdullah.

It'll definitely "unbelievable" when we still see open "discriminative attitudes and policies" being practiced by the "government" and the "Management" where both arms of the authority are practicing "double standards" bluntly. The result of the last general election prompted the BN to vow for a "reform" or even "transformation", however, we have yet to see it being made true.

It's said that the main cause of Malaysia's problems is "the division of people by their ethnicity and religion". The feelings of inequality and unfairness are widely felt by the people, especially the "non-bumiputras".

The foremost policy under heavy criticisms is the NEP.

The Lack of Opportunity in the civil services and education are the other sources of discontent by the non-bumiputra group. The dominant group lacks of true sense of respect and "dominant" mentality is also the resentment behind the sources of discomfort among the people.

One can say that the scenario is like happiness of some peoples is built from the miseries of the others. However, no one will admit the "bullying" unfair practice despite 52 years of independence, or 46 years for Sabah & Sarawak.

“One Malaysia” to me means Malaysia has only one "progressive race" - Malaysian; the eventual culture is Malaysian made up of various cultures through natural integration; people still identifiable by their community but thinking 100% Malaysian, and equality for all regardless of descendent and creed. It also means no more "bumiputra" and "non-bumiputra" status.

Can it be a reality, or being just a dream of Najib? Is he sincere in this matter? Can he make it? Can the so-called dominant group accept the changes and sacrifices?

Chinese and Indians had been sacrificing a lot in the last 52 years for the noble effort to bring close the "gap"; isn't it time to just being fair by "righting" it?

Is Malaysia still prefers to be a divisive and weak country, or one strong country like "One Malaysia" as coined by Najib?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Labuan Bridge or Queen Elizabeth Hospital?

I refer to the news appearing in the Star Online this afternoon under the title: "A step closer to Labuan-Sabah bridge" by Mr. RUBEN SARIO, and I have reservation on the possibility of building the Labuan-Sabah bridge in the near future. I just feel that it may never take off.

Full details of the report is as shown in the URL:-

As the Prime Minister later said, after launching the halal distribution hub at Kiansam, some 20kms from downtown Labuan yesterday, that “Something of this magnitude is not immediately possible but it should be given due attention”.

Although the long-awaited bridge, between mainland Sabah and the Labuan island, will definitely boost up the future prospects of Labuanites, the high costs involved must be justified based on value return and urgency, for example.

The project was estimated at approximately RM550million in 1997 under the The Labuan Development Masterplan; it may be much higher comes 2009. It could well be in the billion mark if it were to go ahead now.

Questions are : Why do we need a bridge for Labuan & Sabah? Isn't the present ferry service good enough for the situation there?

What we really hear most is that the ferry service, being a monopoly, has not been doing its "duty" well despite enjoying very profitable business. In other words, the operator is taking its sweet time by doing little instead of bringing out its bests yet.

The fate of Labuan people are therefore in the hands of the ferry operator who can change the island's future by simply improving services such as increasing the frequency of service with reliability.

Do we still need the bridge now if the ferry operator could do their part well? The answer may be "yes! but not now",if the justification hurdle can not be met.

The RM1b might as well be used in other more pressing areas such as, notably, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in Kota Kinabalu.

Our leaders should not have announced something that may be years away without taking into account of the reality. They should look into the real needs now than doing something considering as "impractical" at this moment. At least presently, it may not be the bridge that Labuan people needs most.

What the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should have been done, pragmatically, was to get the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and the Finance ministry to immediately release the urgently needed funds for projects or schemes meant to help the people getting over the impact of the financial tsunami, as well as solving the woes of Sabahan over the QEH affair.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Wow! No wonder Najib once said that Sabah is BN's Fixed Deposit. Just read the following news feeds from The Star Online and you should know why.

What a pity they didn't lobby the case (of QEH) early, nevertheless, it's still never too late to do so now:-

Sabah a key state for Umno contenders

KOTA KINABALU: The who’s who of Umno made a beeline for Sabah as determined candidates pushed the campaigning momentum into high gear with the party elections only three weeks away.

Sabah is an important pit stop for the candidates because its 325 delegates form the second largest group in the party general assembly, after the 578 delegates from Johor.

Sabah not getting new hospital yet

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah has to wait a little longer for a new general hospital despite the urgency of the matter, as there is no budget for it under the current Ninth Malaysia Plan.

“We have agreed in principle to a new hospital, but we cannot say when it will be implemented,” Deputy Health Minister Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad told reporters Monday after launching a pre-school food safety campaign.

He was asked about plans to overcome severe congestion at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here after its eight-storey tower block was closed due to structural problems. Patients were relocated to other hospitals in the state.

“We are still waiting for the budget from the Finance Ministry and the Economic Planning Unit,” he said.

However, he added, a plot of land for the hospital had been identified.

What! No Money for replacing the Sabah's Oldest Established Hospital with a new hospital structure?

Being 2nd largest of 325 votes also can't do anything to help getting the hospitals Sabahan need badly?

It's really a shame for the country as QEH is a Referral Hospital in Sabah. Despite being the longest established hospital since 1953, it's also the only main government hospital in the whole Kota Kinbalu city.

Kota Kinabalu is a State Capital, a tourist's favourite, which is also the main gateway to Sabah.

It will be bad if health services in Kota Kinabalu are at fault or not up to international standard due to the deteriorating condition caused by the "un-safe for use" declaration of its main tower block in last November.

The quality of service is compromised now as a result of the consequential shifting and dispersion of facilities to other surrounding locations.

It should be an important responsibility of the government to make sure that standard is kept to acceptable level, both domestically or internationally. The situation might affect the tourism business badly if no immediate attempts to address the shortcomings.

Finance Minister, also DPM, Dato Najib, should seriously help us on this matter as Sabahan has been suffering enough with all the misdeeds of the pasts.

Never mind about the so-called Sabah Development Corridor which can be developed in parallel despite a little later but not the people's life and health; he should therefore take a special look into this matter urgently, and approve the required fund accordingly now, before it's too late.

This time, DPM should make sure that the government appoints the best contractor to deliver the new building in less than 2 years time.

Sabahan will definitely appreciate it for his competency and caring.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


在The Star online 读到一则Bernama 新闻报导有關回教党精神领袖聶阿兹反对在申请政府提供穷人扶助金時,有区分土著或非土著.新闻参阅:

他说如此做带有濃厚种族主義气味. 甚至也剥夺其他擁有相似基本权利和身份证的种族在享用政府基本设備方面的权利.

在大选投票時,不管土著与否,不分种族都是公平的一人投一票. 他是呼应民主行动党柔佛州州议会反对党领袖巫程豪的评論即谓我国的土著政策形同当年的南非种族隔离政策.